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  1. I need to shave part of my right leg because it needs kinesio-tape on it and hair inhibits adhesion. It's the area just to the right of my tibia or shin bone, and I'll need to shave from just below my knee to above my ankle. I've never shaved my legs before and would appreciate any recommendations from members who have. I don't need this to be BBS or even DFS, just enough to minimize interference with the tape. My inclination is to use my Krona, or a Tech, with a smooth blade (Astra Superior) with a good cream or soap. What about technique? Any cyclists here who do this regularly?

    I do have my old Sensor around somewhere, so will use that if it's less likely to nick me.


  2. I helped my wife get into de shaving for her legs. It's really not that tough just like with your face do not apply pressure and go slow. She starts against the grain and has never really had any issues with nics. I would start with the grain if you have long leg hair. The knee can be a tough spot but if you just take your time and use a nice slick lather you should be good.
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  4. Yup. A racing cyclist here. Leg hair is heavy thick and rough. You need a fairly wide blade gap so it doesn't clog. Multiblade razors are horrible. I use an injector. A less aggressive razor might be fine once you mow things down as long as you keep up with it.
  5. If the hair is really thick and long you are best to start with an electric trimmer to get things as short as possible. Whip up some good lather, take your time. The shin might seem smooth and straight forward, but overconfidence leads to deep cuts. Unlike Dr Roadrash, I use a cart on my legs as I never let the hair grow more than 5 or 6 days and it works relatively well. BBS, no- but that isn't really what you're looking for and it tends to reduce/minimize nicks and weepers. Once I run out of cart blades for good, it's Lady Gillette for me!

  6. lmao. so let me guess your an arfcomm member ? so what's your screen name ?

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