Least aggressive safety razor for a newbie?

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  1. Hi, I’m 36 and have been shaving with electric ever since I started. Occasionally I’ve used disposable razors, but very rarely. I’ve been reading up on wet shaving and it sounds fantastic.

    Unfortunately I live in Singapore, and there are very limited places to buy wet shaving stuff. I found one, and bought an Omega boar brush, Tabac soap, Croma blades, and a Shogun DE safety razor. There were only two metal ones on sale – a $3 Shogun and a $2 Lords DE safety razor. The only other DE razors being sold were plastic affairs and looked like disposables. Edit - The Shogun appears to be the same as the Feather 'Popular' Safety Razor.

    I’ll probably go online and buy a proper safety razor. Here’s the thing - I can’t grow a beard to save my life and my upper facial hair is not too thick either. Which safety razor would you recommend for a newbie? For sure I don’t need an aggressive one, probably the opposite really.

    Hmm..now that I think about it, maybe I shouldn’t use the Shogun just yet. Some of the posts in this forum claim that it is very aggressive?
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    If you want little aggression and a new razor I would recommend an Edwin Jagger razor. They look great, are well made, but very mild.

    Vintage, get a Gillette adjustable and dial it to 1, a blue tip Gillette super speed or a Gillette tech.
  3. xillion

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    +1 on the Blue Tip and the Tech.

    The tech may be mild but it is still a great shaver. Also check out the Feather Portable. It is a Japanese Tech clone but it is just a bit more aggressive.
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    Welcome to B&B!

    I would go with a Gillette Tech. The Weishi and Ming razors are very mild too but I do not think they would last as long as a Edwin Jagger, Merkur or Gillette... However, they would get you started...
  5. Thanks for the tips. I thought I read somewhere that Edwin Jaggers use the same heads as Merkurs? Aren't Merkurs considered aggressive?
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    The Jagger head is actually made by Mühle and it is a superb razor. The finish quality of the razor far surpasses Merkur. If I had to only have one razor it would be a Jagger.
  7. I have been asking the exact same question aswell. and after I've tried lots of razors, including techs, superspeed etc. I found that my gillette slim on 1 is the least aggressive razor! Futur on 1 is almost TOO aggessive for me, but a 1 on a slim leaves you stubble, so you can turn it up untill you find your sweetspot ;)
  8. I vote for the tech. I consider it the best starter razor. I still go back to mine when a particularly aggressive razor leaves me feeling a bit scraped.

    I'm rapidly learning to appreciate the charms of a very sharp blade in a nice mild razor.
  9. There are a few Jaggers to choose from, ranging from the $30s (DE89) to $70s (Chatsworth). Are the heads all the same?

    One of the reviews on this site stated that the Jagger Chatsworth was using the Merkur HD head. Is that a mistake?
  10. Both the Jagger DE89L and the Merkur 23C are excellent and mild razors. The finish on the Jagger seems much better.
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  11. Doesn't sound like you have any sort of issues shaving like razor bumps or irritations. That being said I don't think you need to focus on aggressive versus mild. It's not like one is safer than the other or meaner and more likely to rip your face off. Just get any old razor or starter kit being sold in the forum and just run with it. It you don't like it change the blades. If that doesn't work then try a new razor. By the time you are ready to move up your technique will have improved and you'll be ready for anything.
  12. You will get many opinions on this. My recommendation would be the Schick Krona or Black Handled Gillette Superspeed as a good starter DE for a newbie. Very nice shavers that you can keep on using once you become experienced, but very forgiving to learn on. They will also be inexpensive
  13. Welcome.
  14. Another vote for a Tech.

  15. This. With a few rare exceptions, your technique is way more important than the razor itself at this point in your learning curve.
  16. I have a 40's superspeed and it is very mild, but still requires good technique. It's my first and only razor thus far...but, that EJ89L is calling my name.
  17. You might try a Wilkinson Sword Classic.Very inexpensive and great smooth mild shavers.You can pick one up on fleabay for pretty cheap.
  18. I would suggest the Feather "popular" razor. It's mild, but will give a great two pass shave with the Feather blades that come with it. If you look on eBay, you should find a vendor who is based in your country who can hook you up with one of these razors.

    Good luck.
  19. I have a feather popular, and currently using it, it is a very mild razor, one of the mildest i have, but it shaves ok and does a decent job, not rough on your skin at all.
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    i started wet shaving using a Merkur 38. Still loving it, very forgiving newbie razor. I was torn between the 34 (HD) and the 38, they share the same head but the handle on the 38 is a bit longer; a bit easier to hold imo, but that's personal.

    My first blade was a merkur, also very forgiving if you're not experienced.

    I still use my merkur 38, now with a feather blade. Ultra sharp, but not a beginners blade.

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