Laser on Bone Scales

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  1. Well I finally got around to seeing what the laser would do on bone scales so heres a quick zap of my name. I'll mess around with more detail now.


  2. Ray, have I told you recently how awesome you are?
  3. wow, much cleaner than i wouldve expected, is that a freshly lasered piece or have you cleaned/sanded (or whatever is appropriate for bone) it aswell?
  4. The piece is just as I recieved it and it is freshly engraved, 25 minutes or so ago.
    I did nothing to the scale.
  5. It's no "Jerry on Cherry", but it is really nice.

    Now you've got me thinking about scales......
  6. Wow. That's really cool. You may be on to something. Is it possible to laser a symbol or trade mark? I'm thinking of the nasty cheap Filarmonica scales that don't have nickel badges, but just a coloured plastic molded badge -- in particular the scales on the Filly #14 Especial para barabas duras. I've often wondered how you could create a new harp engraving (the Filly trade mark) to put on new scales. Maybe this would be the answer?

  7. Very nice work sir! :eek:
  8. Sue

    Sue Merit Award Vendor Contributor

    Beautiful work Ray!
  9. Actually yes it would be easy enough if we had a good file to work with.
  10. professorchaos

    professorchaos Moderator Emeritus

    Oh come on...that is too cool. I bow down before your awesomeness.
  11. That's cool, but not what I was expecting.......

    I was expecting some kind of Laser Guided bone scales or something..... Now if we could just do that, we could probably sell it to Gillette and they could market old style wet shaving to the masses again. :eek:

    Honestly...... Nice work.
  12. netsurfr

    netsurfr Vendor

    Beautiful work! I like it a lot!!!
  13. Looks Great!!

    I see you are having fun with the blonde horn scales I sent you.
  14. Fun???? Hell yes...Practice for all the work you gonna send me...:wink:
  15. I plan on it, I bet that horn made a nice stink burning it with the lazer. :tongue:
  16. That sir it did, even though my blower duct is sealed, there are a couple tiny leaks and the stink found them....:frown:

    I can't imagine how it was outside at the exhaust vent.
  17. jkh


    Ray, that looks really nice. Is it possible to make the line of the text match the curve (arch) of the scale? That would take it to the next level :cool:
  18. As I thought about this just earlier this week.. (ask Ambrose) it is in fruition.. Way to go Ray.. I see where my scales will be going... Great job!!
  19. Should be easy with the right graphics programs.

    Ray, what types of image files can you use for the templates? I'm assuming of course it's a digital image file cotrolling the burned area of course...
  20. Yes sir, Ray is the man I was talking about.

    I like your thinking, good thing before I was laid off I was working as graphic artist. I can easily do this and would love to help if any help is needed.

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