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  1. Hi Guys,

    I've been honing for a while, but just wanted to give Lapping Film a go as an alternative.

    I have bought a Sample Pack:
    3M Imperial Lapping Film 40 Micron (Blue)
    3M Imperial Lapping Film 30 Micron (Green)
    3M Imperial Lapping Film 15 Micron (Grey)
    3M Imperial Lapping Film 5 Micron (Brown)
    3M Imperial Lapping Film 1 Micron (Yellow-Green)
    3M Imperial Lapping Film 0.3 Micron (White)

    I have a few vintage razors where I need to start from scratch - set the bevel to finish honing.

    Using the above, what would you suggest to start with and progress through?

    Presumably the 40 Micron (and 30 micron)? would mainly be used just for removing nicks and when needing to remove a lot of metal?

    Can I still use tape?

    Any advice greatly appreciated.
  2. As I understood, tape is not needed.Bevel can be set with the 15 micron and then work your way down/up. Try out to finish with 1 micron and then damp paper in combination with the 1 micron, strop and shave.

    Summary by a newbie :)
  3. I'm sure there's a conversion chart somewhere, but I can't be bothered to find it, but here's what I jotted down when I was reading it.
    40 micron ~ 400 grit
    15 micron ~ 1200 grit
    5 micron ~ 4500 grit
    1 micron ~ 14000 grit
    .5 micron ~ 60000 grit

    You won't need the 40 micron one unless you're getting rid of chip or rust.

    I just tried honing with lapping films, got mine from rickboone1. I cut them into 6" x 3", put it on the back of a dmt 325 stone. Progressing down from 15, 5, 3? (i think there was a 3), and 1 micron. Works like clockwork.

    Love the simplicity and convenience (no soaking!!!). One thing I'm having a hard time is making sure all air pockets are gone before start honing.

    Did you get the psa backed one or just film?


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