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  1. Hello all,

    My wife would like to try a safety razor to shave her legs, she does not want a used razor. Are there new razors being made for women?

    What should she use to lather her legs? Does she use a brush? My shaving soaps/brushes do not seem practical for the bigger area of leg shaving.

    Help ladies or gents who have ladies that shave with a DE razor.

    Thanks all.
  2. I do not know of new, but if you look on ebay, occasionally one shows up still sealed in originala package. They tend to be a bit pricey that way.
  3. I would search ebay for a NOS Gillette Lady in the wrapper. They have a longer handle and are lightweight. I have one and it is a very nice razor (got it cheap...) You may also visit RazorBladesandMore and pick up a Feather "popular" razor. They are only $15.49 and would be an inexpensive way for her to try shaving.

    As for lathering, I would recommend Kiss My Face cream in the 11oz pump bottle, and she can whip up a good lather on her legs with a brush. A little KMF goes a long way.

    I would then start her with a super smooth razor, Red Personna might be a good start. Womens leg hair takes less to shave than our faces. At least, all the ones I have been with... :blink:
  4. Then you haven't met Helga. :eek2:
  5. My first DE came from my aunt. She bought 2, used 1. Said that she used some can ladies cream for her legs.
  6. I would suggest a Single Edge razor, wife loves hers (my 1st SE)..the slight problem with DE on legs is the angle..too light and nothing there..too steep..ouch!..SE handles and blades my wife says are a great way than using plastic pricey throwaway blades and the angle is one direction..straight as apposed to curving the handle or your wrist...make sense?

    Best of Luck!
  7. What kind of traits in a razor is she looking for that most new razors don't seem to have to suit her needs? If handle length is an issue, there are several models out there with longer handles. You could also try contacting cooncatbob who owns Bob's Razor Works & have him make one for you. Just keep in mind that the heads he uses are replated vintage heads. Then again, you could always go with a new Edwin Jagger head and a custom handle.
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    LOML has snatched my EJ89, Omega Pro brush and TOBS lavender cream. The only way I'll ever get to use those products again is to by new! She won"t share. Says she feels no need for a longer handle.
  9. Merkur 23 C has a longer handle.
  10. Maybe a bakelite one OR plastic, not being judgemental here on Women but they do tend to forget their razors and leave them in a steamy bathroom , or at least my GF does and the razor i loaned/gave? her is a tad corroded now, but if it had been plastic or BL I think it would have faired better.
  11. I'm female, and there really isn't a new "ladies" razor worth purchasing. However, the only difference between a "ladies" razor and the rest is the looks. My suggestion would be to let her experiment with yours to see what she likes, then buy her one of her own. Personally, I found the Lady Gillette too mild for my taste, but others love theirs. Just like for you guys, there is no one perfect razor/blade combination for all women. In other words, YMMV applies just the same to women shavers as it does to men.

    As for lathering, I DO like to use a brush. I prefer a brush with a long handle and large knot, for just the reason you mentioned ... more "territory" to shave.

  12. They haven't made a new SE in decades....

  13. +1. There's no functional difference between a woman's and a man's razor, just aesthetics and marketing. Some women like milder razors since their skin/hair is softer, some prefer longer-handled razors as there's a lot more reaching down involved, it's all personal preference.

    That said, I can almost guarantee that if you get her a Lady Gillette in good shape and clean it up nicely that she'll fall in love with it. Those things are absolutely beautiful!

    For cream, my wife just uses KMF brushless.

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