L-Occitane Cade Hair and Body Wash

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  1. Hello All,

    As part of my score this past week, I got a bottle of L'Occitane Cade body and hair wash along with my Cade shave soap.

    If you like juniper, then you will like the scent of Cade. It is like having a juniper branch in the shower (minus the annoying needles). Plus, you can use this effectively on both hair and body with no worries.

    Like other L'Occitane products, it has braille on the front label. Yes, Ron, a nice touch!

    Check it out next time you are at L'Occitane.


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  2. guenron

    guenron Moderator Emeritus

    No pun intended of course?
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  3. Scotto

    Scotto Moderator Emeritus

    I adore the CADE shave soap, aftershave, and balm, but the shower gel left me cold. Thin lather that didn't stick around that long, weak smell, and modest moisturizing capability. I thought this product lagged far behind body washes like C&E and Baxters, which are my go-to solutions.

    Of course, I had a trial-size bottle, so I don't know if my experiences were clouded by that. Richard - how would you compare the L'O to the C&E gels?
  4. Scotto,

    I have Sienna & Sandalwood from C&E, Cade and Vetyver from L'O. I, personally, would rate them on par with each other. They fall in that category of dual-purpose toiletries; in this case, body and hair. All four are distinctly different scents, and all four, in my opnion do the job for cleansing hair and body.

    You probably feel about Cade gel like I felt about L'O Occitan EDT. Tried some on for half-hour while I ate lunch at the mall last Wednesday. Couldn't stand it. Had to head to the men's room to wash it off my wrist and hand. Consequently, I like the Cade, and especially the Vetyver.

    Goes to show you, that personal preferences and skin types weigh in heavily even in shower gels and shampoos.

    The sample of Cade gel may have been too small a quantity to adequately evaluate it. You needed enough to wash your entire body AND hair.

    Never a dull experience in the world of toiletries and grooming!

    Test Central, Plano TX
  5. gage0921

    gage0921 Moderator Emeritus

    I have been using this for the past 3 plus weeks and im not the least bit impressed except for the scent. My scalp became flakey and my hair never truely felt clean. I even used the shea butter conditioner and was not impresed whith it either.
  6. aw, the scent is to die for, I love it. But, I only have the Cade shaving soap. That settles it, I'm shaving tomorrow evening with it. I'll pull it out of my drawer so I remember.

  7. Scotto

    Scotto Moderator Emeritus

    I am not thrilled with the L'Occitane shower gels either, though they smell nice. The lather and moisturizing properties can't hold a candle to C&E, etc.
  8. gage0921

    gage0921 Moderator Emeritus

    Major waste of money in my opinion........

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