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  1. Anyone here use this stuff? I've got a few things I could really use it for.

    - Are Chicago screws okay, or will they tend to work their way out? Or are rivets better?

    - Would a pop rivet gun work?

    - Good place to get sheets?

    - Is the foam contraption/ set up the best way to mold this stuff?

    Tips? Suggestions? Thoughts?
  2. I have an esee and a Bob Dozier - both with Kydex sheaths. Esee is held together with chicago screws, the dozier, with rivets. Chicago screws work fine, and my ESEE sheath has had zero problems.
  3. Is the foam contraption/ set up the best way to mold this stuff? YES

    Good place to get sheets? is where I got mine.

    I got a M&P holster that is held together with rivets and the belt loops are held on with chicago screws. I would just loc tite them and you should be fine.
  4. I've made several holsters with a combination of leather and Kydex. I bought my sheets from (like hig789), I think they offer the best selection and price, at least for a non-commercial buyer. Chicago screws work great - I like them better than rivets, because you can easily remove/adjust them if necessary.
    I bought a cheap heat gun from Harbor Freight Tools to use to help molding the Kydex - it works better and faster than my pretty wife's hair dryer. I learned not to be afraid to get the Kydex pretty hot - it molds very easily when its at the right temp. (Just be sure to use a glove or pot-holder to handle it.)
  5. Ever use the oven?
  6. Looking around, I think I can come up with some foam to make a little press.

    What size Chicago screws should I get? I want them to be long enough. Say I'm using .60 to .80 Kydex. I looked and doesn't sell chicago screws. Trying to find a one stop shop.
  7. Chicago screw worries can be eased with lock tight.

    Rivets are always good, it is really cool when you make your own from tubing, but solid materials work fine.

    Pop rivets do not look very nice, but work fine. There is a certain unprofessional "roll your own" character to pop rivets.

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