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  1. I was searching for stuff on amazon, and came across the Kriegar Razor for $9.99. Anybody ever try these? How do they compare to some of the other more expensive razors?

    Fyi, on amazon, do a search for Kriegar, and you can't miss it.
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    Great looking handles! But you can't shave with a handle. This falls into the category of "good and cheap" don't go together. Save your money unless you are looking for wall decorations. For a bit more, you can pick up a vintage razor that is quality. Check with Joel as he is putting together a set of razors for new guys. If he is overloaded or not quite ready, pm me for more sources. Also, check with Tony Miller, for a strop. You'll need it before you start shaving, or you'll have a razor that will need another hone job.

    Best of luck!

  3. But have you tried it; or is this just a guess as it is only $10, and there is no way a new $10 razor can be good?

    I agree that cheap is usually a bad bet, but it can also mean that the seller just does not know what they have; or that they are just starting out making razors.
  4. I haven't tried them, but others have. They're a cheap pakistani razor dolled up to look german. They will neither hold nor take an edge. That seller on amazon knows *exactly* how much that razor is worth, because he paid wholesale for it from somebody. Probably less than $1.

    Please, if you're looking for a razor in that price range and plan to actually shave with it, get a vintage one on ebay. If you take your time and don't get seduced by the auction description you can pick up some nice razors pretty inexpensively. I got an ivory-scaled 5/8 a few months ago for $9.99, and I just saw a guy snag a puma for $2. There are bargains, just be careful (hint: if the seller says "can be repaired", it means it can't unless you're a knifemaker, because if it were reasonably repairable he would have done it in hopes of getting a higher auction price).
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    Since they are the manufacturer, they know what they have. And if they were a quality razor, they would not be $10 bucks. I will bet that 1. You can't hone it, 2. If you get it sharp enough to shave, the edge won't last through a full shave, 3. It will wind up in the garbage. Order one and let us know how it goes.

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  7. same, i bought a pack of three for 8.00 ea. of the kriegar straight razors from BUDK. I've tried to sharpen them. when i thought it was sharp to the touch, I tried holding it at every forseeable angle, even shaving up, and pulled more hair than I have with a dull disposable BIC. trust me on this, save your money. (and skin, most importantly)
  8. Are the scales any good for rescaling other razors?
  9. This is what I'd like to know. Some of those scales are darn pretty and would look great on a vintage blade. I've passed up some nice blades in the past because they had broken scales. I might try fiddleing with putting on new scales, but I don't have the time or resources to try and make them.
  10. Same question here! What about the scales?
    Anyone know where cheap scales could be found?
  11. Over at SRP, several members have used the scales from these cheap razors in projects.

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