Kirkland (Costco) Small Batch Burbon

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  1. I noticed today that Costco has begun to carry their own bourbon. I have purchased their Vodka before and found it to be as good as Grey Goose. Has anyone tried their bourbon? How does it compare to other bourbons?

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  2. That's because Kirkland Vodka is made in the same region in France as Grey Goose (Cognac region), I read somewhere that the distilleries (or "houses" to be technical) are practically right next to each other and they're pretty much distilled the same way, only Grey Goose charges way more and has a prettier bottle (LOL!). Not a huge vodka guy but I really like Costco Vodka, plus it's only $20.00 for a big bottle.

    Their line of beer is made by Matt Brewing company out in Utica NY and it's actually not bad. Not sure who makes the Bourbon though, but I assume it's made by one of big distilleries down in Kentucky.
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  3. Explains why the Vodka is so good! I like their beer too, the one around here is the Gordon Beirch (sp?) knock off...pretty good.
  4. LOVE the Bourbon...Bottled by Jim Beam and tastes to me of Booker's with a little water added.

    Costco approaches many known businesses and tells them if they want Costco to sell their product to re issue it just for them or even re-label it....IE Kirkland brand. Take their Single Malt Scotch for example...

    Macallan 18 year scotch with a Kirkland label. It's $59.99 per bottle.

    Just to put it into perspective, Macallan 18 (distilled and bottled by Macallan) is about $150 per bottle.
  5. I may just have to go pick up a bottle and give it a try...My annual rebate check is still sitting on the fridge and has a bottle of Vodka and Bourbon written all over it!
  6. Costco's Kirkland brand has some pretty good stuff in general. But I think that the Vodka and Bourbon are money well spent. Please let us know how the Bourbon is?

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