Kingsley Shaving Brush

Discussion in 'Shaving Brushes' started by Hanspleasure, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. Great Brush for creams, decent for soaps, relatively soft and a bit on the floopy side.. but it's really worth every penny, costing only $40. I'll give a more thorough review soon. Check out their website @
  2. I like the look of the brush, and even though I've put a moratorium on all shaving purchases, I'm still curious: how is he weight of this brush? The handle looks like it will have some heft, but it's always hard to tell.
  3. The bursh has quite a bit of weight to it, the added chrome bottom evens it out nicely.
    Plus it feels nice in the hand(s) and grips securely. I really can't say much more than it's
    a Fantastic brush for the price. Secondly, Old Dominion Soap Company sells shave soaps too, @ 2.75 a puck and there shipping rates are phenomenal. Only drawback is they only have 6 scents.. but they do have bay rum and sandlewood! Haven't found another site that compares (shipping costs) such as mama bear, Honeybea Spa etc. As you can tell I am pleasantly suprised.
  4. It certainly looks nice.

    Would you say it's more Vulfix floppy or Kent floppy?
  5. Kent floopy.. maybe not even that. I know Vulvix is notorious for being "very" floopy, so I wouldn't go that far. Tell me where you can get a tortise style for under $40 and I'll stop praising this brush?

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