Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Lotion

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  1. I grabbed a sample of this new lotion from Kiehls over the weekend and tried it for 2 days. I think I really like it. I'm trying to detox off of a Proactiv lotion habit. I tend to get pimples on my chin if I don't use the right product and dry/tight/itchy face in the winter if I don't moisturize. I've tried some oil based products and even Burts Bees sensitive with no luck as they give me the break out within 8-12 hours of applying and usually leave my face feeling clammy. This product from Kiehls seems to be working so far. I was also thinking of trying the MenScience lotion.

    Anyone have experience with these products or similar face skin moisturizing issues?,pd.html?start=14&cgid=face-moisturizers
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  2. I've been using Kiehls stuff for quite a time now.
    Although I no longer use their brushless shaving cream, after discovering DE shaving with Razorock cream, I still really like their Face cream for men (in the white bottle) & also their "razor bump relief" stuff does seem to help reduce redness/ razor bumps on my collar-line. Their "cross terrain" range of shower gel & deodorant are also good.
    Not that cheap, but good stuff.

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