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    Not sure if this is the right forum for this, but I'll take my chances here. :001_smile

    I've been carrying a Photon Micro-Light II Keychain LED Flashlight in my pocket for many years, attached to my "Executive" Swiss Army knife. It's durable, does everything I ask of it, and lasts basically forever (as long as you don't lose it!)

    Sadly, I recently lost the knife, and along with it, the Photon. I've got a spare knife, but I need to replace the flashlight. :sad:

    I've been very pleased with the Photon Micro-Light II, but was wondering if there were better, newer options available? I'm willing to spend a fair amount (~$20 or so) for the right tool.

    So...any particular brands/models that you guys recommend?
  2. The photon is a great little light imho. You don't really even feel it on the keychain. I've tried 2 other lights from Fenix. These both use AAA batteries. The 1st is the E05. I think it's a great little light for the size. Rated at 27 lumens with a 2hr 50 min runtime. I think it can be found for around $20. The other is the LD01. I currently have this on my set. It's got a max of 77 lumens and up to 27 h which is really good for 1 AAA battery. But I believe it's a little too long and heavy for my tastes.
  3. Fenix makes some great torches! I have a E01 on my keychain. It takes a little AAA and is seriously bright. I got it on amazon a year or so ago for less than 20 shipped. This little light has taken a beating and other than some cosmetic dings it still works like new to this day.
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    Oh, boy.
  5. +1 on Fenix. I've carried a LD01 on my keychain for about 3 years and it still works just as well as the day I got it. I love it.

    If you're a real glutton for punishment and feel the need to plant a seed for another obsession, take a look at It's an entire forum dedicated to flashlights and flashlight fanatics. A simple search for "keychain" will yield more hits and reviews than you can possible look at.
  6. +1 on Fenix LD01. Been carrying one now for about a year, performs very well. A little over your pricepoint, and a little large (for keychain, even though thats how I carry it)...but great piece of equipment IMO.
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    Thanks, gentlemen.

    As much as I like the looks, specs, and reviews of the Fenix lights, they're still a fair bit larger in comparison to my old Photon Micro-Light II. I really hate to have a lot of extra bulk in my pocket. I just placed an order for the Photon Freedom Micro LED keychain flashlight. Same basic size as my old one, but with some additional features, such as strobe, variable brightness, etc.
  9. I have a similar one on my key chain that I got off It even has a little Linux Penguin (Tux) on it. :w00t:
  10. Wow. And I thought *we* were geeks. :ohmy:

  11. Geekdom knows no bounds or limits. You name it, there are probably geeks and forums for it. To everything there is a geek
  12. The beauty of the interweb:001_tt2:
  13. I just bought one of these a few weeks ago and like it pretty well. Energizer High Tech LED Keychain light, . It is a little bit bigger and heavier than a Photon as it has a metal case rather than plastic. 13 lumens which is quite bright to my eyes. From what I see online it looks like the Photons are 4-7 lumens. This uses two lithium batteries so that probably is the reason. High beam, low and flashing. Auto shutoff after 30 minutes. One thing I have always liked about the Photon II was the switch that you could leave on. I have never understood the other Photon models and most cheap keychain lights that you have to squeeze continuously to keep on. A colleague said that that switch sometimes catches on his pocket and drains the battery. This light has a push-button switch that I thought might pose similar problems but so far have had no accidental activations.
  14. The one I have on my keys came in the last pif game!!!! I'm so lucky!!
  15. It is a bit expensive, it seem that this keychain LED flashlight is sold cheaper at eBay
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    Tru dat.
  17. Plastic with Rubber Spray Housing,hight power and cheap!

    led flashlight
  18. The only mini light I would even consider carrying is the 4sevens quark minix 123
  19. Umm, 5 times the price and too big to fit on a keychain.

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