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  1. I posted this on the other thread but decided to start a new one as some gents may have given up on the other thread.


    It is gorgeous, I found no quality issues at all, there is not a spot of blemish on the leather. The suede has some "scratch" marks, not really scratches but marks, it may just be the way the grain lays, you can see them on Seraphim's video.

    The leather is smooooooth and very thick, the suede is even thicker, they both feel very soft.

    The hardware is OK, I clipped it to a ring in my closet and it is secure.

    I think the eagle stamp may give off little gold flakes with time, I can see some near it.

    OK now to the feel.

    I had just finished touching up a razor on a coti, so I gave it a whirl. I took it to a TM linen then to the Kanayama. I started on the suede-I would say it is a light to medium draw, very smooth, there is a definite difference between the feel on the up and down strokes, very slight, expected as the grain goes in opposite directions. I gave it about 40-50 laps.

    I flipped it over and took hold, first stroke was bad and I nicked it (just kidding-just seeing if you gents are paying attention)

    The leather side is really, really smooth, sounds different than my TM. The draw is really light, smooth and feels fast, it is a joy to strop on this thing.

    Now I am someone who normally likes handles, I started with Larry's strop without the handles and did not like it, I actually gave it homemade handles. I did not miss the handles on this strop, I grabbed both leathers together with palm over the top and all fingers on the top, thumb included, with fingers wrapping around to the bottom.

    I will probably split time stropping on my TM and this strop.
  2. Why not post it in the actual review section? Or have you already?
  3. Nice! you guys in that other thread are reaaaaaaaaaaaaaallly making me want one of these.
  4. You really should get one.

    With all of those nice razors you have? Please.... you tell me if that signature series ERN of yours isn't worth a Kanayama strop.
  5. Lol I knew if I'd said something you would be on me like a hawk. I just expected more than 2 minutes lol.
  6. I like that the stamps at the bottom aren't gold filled, I could imagine holding it with your hands would rub it away and make it look bad. That is a thoughtful touch.
  7. What's really nice is that when you are holding it, your palm feels the smooth cool cordovan, and your fingers and thumb wrap around to the soft suede...Feels nice.
  8. No I haven't, don't even know where that is, mods please move this if appropriate.
    You really should get one, it is nice.

    Yes, I actually would prefer no stamps.

    Oh yes, it feels nice. Boom-Chickki-Boom-Boom
  9. Quick stropping action.

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  10. is that you Al???

    i didn't expect that accent...
  11. Accent, what you talking about Willis?
  12. Thanks for the review Doc. I've been eyeing one of these strops but I figured I would never own one since I thought they cost $400 but I just found out they're about $100 so I'm eyeing them again. Where did you get yours btw?
  13. That will work. Just don't sell to Kent.
  14. Won't be hard, just set your exclusions list to Hawaii :lol:
  15. Oh, I'll sell to him....but it will cost him dearly....
  16. Kentos

    Kentos Moderator Emeritus

    Ha Ha!
  17. Thanks for the link Doc!

    I read somewhere that some of the new stock was coming in with some defects and noticed that your is fine. Do you know if yours is part of the old stock or the new stock that at times has defects? Also, could you post some comparison shots with your Tony Miller? That was another strop I've been eyeing :)

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