KAI blades out of production?

Discussion in 'General Shaving Discussion' started by cpm, Apr 1, 2011.

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    Now that I decided I like them better than Feathers... I can only find a box of 5 here and there. I was planning on making a bulk order. Don't tell me I have to start hoarding these.
  2. Keep us posted. The Kai is my fav all around.

    I was wondering if the trouble in Japan will affect Feathers and Kais.

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  4. M80

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    From what I understand, Kai blades in bulk (anything over 5) come loose, and come that way from the manufacturer.

    I find it interesting that on the Kai company website they have their DE blades listed not under shaving blades, but under industrial blades. Also, it looks like they make a blade to fit autostrops.
  5. Industry still uses de razor blades for plastic film slitting. I am wondering if that is why they have them in that section. I also find it interesting that the actual Kai blade has no printing on them.

    I guess I fell for another april fools joke,
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    Thought I would resurrect this thread as I am looking for Kai in bulk. Any one know where I can get them for about $.30 or so per blade delivered?

    PS: I don't speak Japanese :)
  7. The best I've been able to do lately is .60 per blade... OUCH! But they are my favorite and I get a good comfortable week out of each. Since I can't seem to find a place that has them in stock for a better price; I've settled. I get mine from Razorblades and More.

    edit: Forgot to add they just received some fresh stock.

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