Justified and a good bourbon

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  1. Something about that show makes me appreciate bourbon, having some "kin" (I am from MN) that lives in Lexington makes me appreciate the show and know the areas and bourbon that they talk about. Anyone else set down to a nice bourbon and watch it?
    Currently working on a bottle of Elijah Craig 12 year. Usually not a fan of the Elijah brand but this one is pretty darn good.
  2. I find it is more a beer drinking show but I'm two episodes in, I'll have to pick up some bourbon next time I go shopping.
  3. Agreed on Justified being a bourbon show. I've been favoring Bulleit of late.
  4. I got Bookers the other week, my batch is 130 proof

    Keep it on a small batch basis, you can't go wrong.
  5. Definitely a good bourbon show. Actually just a great show all around. The main character seems to drink Jim Beam white mostly, though Pappy Van Winkle has been mentioned and/or shown a few times. One of the characters is shown drinking it in a couple of different episodes but it kinda hurt to see he was mixing it with coffee. In the season 4 premier that just aired a couple weeks ago someone gives the marshal boss character a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle as a gift and a couple of the marshals discuss it quite enviously. It may just make a reappearance some time this season.
  6. I broke out some old clear that I got from a friend out in eastern KY a while back!
  7. Jim Beam Devil's cut is pretty good without the price of some of the alternatives.

  8. I'm really digging Bulleit as well. Tried it a few weeks ago and was really impressed. Plus it's only around $25.00...

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  9. Ah, this is something I can relate to. Being a good Kentuckian, I love bourbon. Pappy van Winkle is fantastic, as is Bulleit and Woodford Reserve, a current favorite. If you ever come to Kentucky,taking a tour of the distilleries is definitely a lot of fun, and I wholeheartedly recommend it.
  10. I get over to Lexington at least once, sometimes twice a year. I've been to Woodford and Makers so far, I'm hoping to make it to a few this next summer when I plan on being there about 10 days or so. Always gotta stock up on my supply, though thankfully the stores up here in MN are getting better at stocking more than just Jim Beam.
    My favorite go to bourbon remains Woodford, however I'll admit that Black Maple Hill is probably my favorite. I'll have to try some Pappy, but the price always puts me off a bit. I very seldomly buy a bottle that's more than $50.
  11. I get a bottle of Woodford Reserve every now and then to mix it up, it's a smoother whiskey for the price. But Bulleit is definitely my go to, it has an almost sweet finish, as far as Bourbons go, that's why I call it my desert whiskey.
  12. Elijah Craig 12 is a great buy for $23, better than Bulleit and about the same price. The 8-12 year age range seems to be just right for my taste. Though, admittedly, I've never had a 15, 20, or 23 year old bourbon.

    Also, Wild Turkey's lineup (aside from the 81, meh) is a favorite of mine (101, rare breed, russel's reserve)
  13. Willet (a.k.a. KentuckyBourbon Distillers) puts out a fine whisky. This is one of the best out there
  14. I must admit I never watched the show but I'm intrigued now. I do enjoy a good bourbon, Woodford Reserve is in the line up since Christmas.
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    Great show. Good music and a fairly wide variety of reasonable and expensive booze gets name checked. I'd like to see them do a little better with their locations. The pilot and the credits were filmed near where I grew up in PA, and the rest of the show is shot in California. When Raylan heads out somewhere, it always reminds me of when M*A*S*H or The Dukes of Hazzard would go on location. Who knew that the whole world looks like Southern California?
  16. As a West Virginia native, they seem to get enough right about the area to not be entirely grating (though snake handling is not even close to being a Kentucky thing in this era).

    What anybody who hasn't seen the show needs to know is that it's a very faithful rendition of at least pieces of the Raylan Givens series of Elmore Leonard stories that start with Fire in the Hole, a short story from When the Women Come Out to Dance. One or maybe two of the Raylan novels have come out during the run of the show and share considerable plot elements with the series (though there are many differences). Leonard doesn't participate heavily in the screenwriting process as I understand it, but it seems he and the creators of the show must sit down and at least talk about things on a plot level periodically.

    It is most definitely a show I could see enjoyed best with bourbon. Alas my wife can't be trusted around any form of whiskey so I don't keep it around. Maker's has been heavily buying ads the past few weeks.
  17. Great show. My current favorite is Jim Beam Black.

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