Just used Bay Rum for the First Time.

Discussion in 'Aftershaves' started by Jacob Robertson, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. Pinaud Bay Rum smells awful in the bottle, but AMAZING on the skin. Oh my God. It's like everything I like about new Old Spice minus everything I don't like. Is this considered a good starting point as far as Bay Rum scents goes? Or are there better oones to be had?
  2. Two words: Captain's Choice.
    That is all.
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    There's a lotta love for Pinaud Bay Rum here and Pinaud in general.If you think the bay rum smells awful in the bottle, don't and I mean don't, take a whiff of The Veg,without checking out the forums.
    As for better bay rums there is alot of info to be had here in the forums.We all have our favorites,for myself Captains Choice,Meehan's Bay Rum,Dominica,St.Johns and Ogallala.I haven't met a bay rum I didn't like and there's many variations.
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    I hear great things about the Captain but I haven't tried it yer. I have tried Masters, Dominica and Clubman VI Bay Rum is my favorite. I love the burn :bayrum2:
  5. The Review section here on B&B is a great resource.
  6. I really liked getting the Ogallala Bay Rum sampler. Their aftershaves have a good dose of witch hazel in them, and leave my skin feeling very nice. The standard bay rum smells good, and is pretty strong. It also comes with their bay rum with lime and peppercorn, sage and cedar, and my favorite, sandalwood. I also hear good things about Captain's, and you can get a sample of that on the cheap.
  7. Ogallala bay rum is nice I like the cedar and sage myself. Lots of Bay Rum variations out there I would load up on samples if I were you.
  8. +1! A man of taste and refinement!
  9. Thanks for the advice folks! Looks like I've got some sampling to do :001_smile
  10. no samples just buy some Captain's Choice....:001_smile
  11. For 20 bucks a bottle, I will try a sample first.
  12. I am a Bay Rum lover but do not have much experience with trying many. I've been splashed with various unknown brands at barbershops, then I was given a large bottle of Stephan's Bay Rum by my barber. I tend to like it. I recently got samples from Garry of the Masters and Superior 70. I find them all good but very different. I think I prefer bay rums that are heavier on the bay and cinnamon but lighter on the cloves. I also like about any AS with witch hazel rather than alcohol. I am a Pinaud fan (The Club, The Veg so far) so I probably need to try the VI. I hear a lot of +/- about Ogallala. And I hear nothing but praise for Captains, so that is a definite must have.

    So, for the more experienced "Rummies" here: Can you help me out of recommendations that might be classic but not overly clovey? Any other suggestions?
  13. I cant get enough of the CO Bigelow Bay rum....have the matching body/hair wash, balm and cologne....
  14. I bought some Stephens Bay Rum because that's what my barber used and I liked it. Finding it led me to these forums and DE shaving actually. Can anyone compare these other brands to Stephens since it's kind of my base point?

  15. Yea, me too!
  16. you have to try the Captains Choice, it is just fantastic

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