Just tried Proraso Sandalwood today..

Discussion in 'Shaving Creams' started by kskwerl, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. And wow, I couldn't be happier with the lather it produced with my Duke 2 and the smell is phenomenal!! I'll be using this for years to come for sure, def try it if you haven't :D
  2. Agreed... I love it. And I just grabbed a tube of the green and white... AWESOME as well!
  3. It's a wonderful scent and performer.
  4. I have a tube on the way, haven't tried it yet but I have read many good things about it. I like sandalwood usually and I'm definitely looking forward to using it.
  5. I heard it didn't really smell like sandlewood. I don't doubt that it smells good though.
  6. I almost felt dumb saying "I like sandalwood usually" because it's a different scent in nearly every product. I have read this one is kind of medicinal instead of sweet which is definitely preferable to me.
  7. What he said!:thumbup1:
  8. From what everyone has said, it smells like true sandalwood.
  9. all sandalwoods smell different to me but this actually smells like real sandalwood, I got the green and white as well but haven't tried it yet.
  10. Marco

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    It's the purest Sandalwood scent I've ever smelled and the performance is great, as you always get from any Proraso product. I'm awaiting for the new Blue shaving cream to arrive on the supermarkets shelves here in Rome.
  11. Excellent, good to hear.
    I have a new appreciation for Proraso after having shaved with it this weekend..it's one of the first soaps I used and quickly got drowned out trying lots of different products. So I used it Saturday night and was pretty floored by how good it actually is. Great lather, nice scent, good amount of menthol to cool the face off...sometimes it's good to revisit an old product.
  12. Proraso is my go to. I supercream with the soap and the tube cream. Finish off with the balm. Good stuff.
  13. .....i never cease to be amazed how good Proraso is, and how inexpensive it is in Italy.................
  14. I love Proraso, I have the new formula green tube and the splash. I definitely fancy trying out the red but I'm having trouble finding somewhere I can get it. Usually Amazon.de has everything but not this time. Does anybody have any suggestions, bearing in mind I'm in Germany. It's on e bay but seems a bit pricey at 10 euro plus.
  15. Marco, as is usual, has the right of this. Recently received from India a bottle of Sandalwood EO recommended by another member here, EVBO. Compare that with the scent of the Proraso and of all the sandalwood labeled products I've tried, it comes closest to smelling like what's in this bottle. It's not spicy at all, like the Floris or T&H. Pure woodiness.

    It's the only cream in my rotation now.
  16. Buy it. That's not bad. On Amazon here in the states it's 10 dollars shipped and 10.99 plus shipping elsewhere. If it sold for 20 bucks/tube, then I would still buy it. I think it's that good. I gave away my TOBS sandalwood tube (didn't like) and my T&H Sandalwood (which is quite good) and kept my Proraso. Simply never used them anymore.

    C'mon...pull the trigger.

    You know you want to.
  17. Yeah you're right my green tube is nearly empty anyway.
  18. Wow, it must be pretty neat to just walk in to any old supermarket and buy such a fine product!

    Proraso Red will be my next cream purchase. I'm using C.O. Bigelow right now (old formula) and loving it. I've heard the new formulations are even that much better, especially in the lather department.
  19. you know I tried to find a shaving store in rome when i was studying abroad there last year, I was specifically trying to find some Cella to take home with me but everyone that i asked said they didn't know what i was talking about... (could have been my student level Italian or the funny American accent) so i ended up coming home with one tube of Proraso, and an Almond soap from Florence. I never did find a shaving store like i wanted to though...

    that tube of Proraso was gone so fast that when i got back here to the states I had to buy several tubes of C.o. Bigelow:biggrin1:
  20. Marco

    Marco Steward Contributor

    Next time you'll be in Rome take in consideration this post here. :wink2:

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