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  1. there is alot of info to digest here, the one that i'm thinking of is cream or soap, which gives the best protection?
  2. I prefer soaps, but that by no means makes it any bette. You should try both and see which one suits your fancy.
  3. Both give good protection while shaving.

    I like creams better because soaps dry out my face considerably.

    As was said - try 'em both!
  4. I love soaps, but I'll always try a new cream. :biggrin:
  5. Buy one of everything. Send to me what you don't like.:biggrin:
  6. Only way to know is to read the reviews and then try a soap and a cream or two soaps and two creams or ten soaps and ten creams. Lots of good options available.
  7. First, welcome. Second, try a few of both, see what you like. Each soap and cream will perform differently. Some have higher glycerin content than others, or some will hold more water. It is all your preference, so there is no "right" answer to this question.

    As for a suggestion, I would say start with some Col. Conk soap (high glycerin content, pretty easy lather if you ask me) and Proraso (pretty forgiving when it comes to adding water and making lather, good for beginners). Of course, you maybe find both of these not to your liking, but you won't know until you try. Even if you end up finding some great stuff on your first try, don't be afraid to try new products--you can never know if they will be better or worse until you try them.
  8. I prefer creams. Give Speick, Proraso, Godrej and Taylors of Bond Street a try. Soaps wise, Tabac, Col Conk and Provance Sante are great.

    Welcome to B&B.
  9. i just ordered some truefitt&hill hope it works
  10. You are going to get a ton of answers. In the end you will probably discover that half of us prefer soaps and half prefer creams. For a newbie creams are generally easier to work with but I recommend getting and trying both so you can discover which YOU prefer.
  11. You might as well go ahead and buy both. You are going to anyway.:lol: Welcome to B&B.
  12. Either one is protective providing its a quality product
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    it will - what did you order?

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