Just Ordered My Ogallala Bay Rum Sampler...

Discussion in 'Aftershaves' started by Big_OC, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. Now comes the hard part. Waiting....Anybody know what other goodies they include?
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  2. I have tried the samplers of soaps and after shaves. I love their products, especially the peppercorns and limes. I imagine that the "gifts" vary with supply, but I was delighted! This is a first class retailer both in products and service.
  3. I ordered a sample of the limes and peppercorns. They sent an additional regular bay rum sample...that may have been it. It's been a while.
  4. Congrats! The folks at Ogallala offer great service and excellent products. You'll find that the sample bottles hold a generous amount of product. My fav was the lime/peppercorn, sage and cedar, and the sandalwood.
  5. In other words...pretty much all the scents. lol
  6. I ordered a shaving soap sampler and ended up getting some of their AS thrown in. I love their AS. Best I've tried so far.
  7. I've gotten everything from air freshner to shampoo bars it's just whatever he feels like throwing in... Great guys over at ogallala... I'm a lifer myself
  8. Just got my sampler in from them the other day. Another great experience with customer service! The sent me the car air freshener and some of the shampoo bar too with a small handwritten thank you. So different from the norm these days but so refreshing. My wife and daughter love the shampoo bar. I fear I might have to order more:001_rolle:biggrin1:. I started off with the limes and peppercorns. This morning the sandalwood. All scents were approved by SWMBO and my little princess. My guess is that you will be ordering from them again. soon.
  9. You will have to tell us all that came with your sample...
  10. Mine came with a bottle of air freshener, and a chunk of bath soap.

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