Just a friendly warning about changing DE blades

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  1. Don't get complacent! I went to pick up a blade this morning off the cabinet and ended up with it stuck in the end of my finger. I had to pull it back out again which wasn't pleasant. 20 minutes of bleeding later this is the result.

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  2. OUCH!!!!
    always a lesson you hope you never learn first hand, and if you do you hope its only once. Good luck on the healing process. Just rub sum alum on it.:lol:
  3. someone pass the septic pencil PLEASE......

    Dude, I feel your pain, I did the same thing years ago....that's why I got away from wet shaving back then....

  4. What's a septic pencil?:wink:

    Good reminder, we'd all like to think we've been shaving long enough to avoid this kind of thing, but it's exactly that complaciency that gets us into trouble.
  5. the reason I stopped DE shaving in 1990 was similar.

    I wrapped a used DE blade in toilet paper, and put it in the trash.

    My then-pregnant wife emptied the bathroom trash into the kitchen can to take it out and she pushed the bathroom trash down to compact it an cut here index finger to the bone with the blade....

    these are dangerous toys we play with :)
  6. I almost did the same thing by wiping the razor head with my finger. I sliced a little line of skin off but no blood. I see you weren't as lucky.
  7. It is a white crayon, put out by Clubman, that is used to stop bleeding from nicks.

    I learned about handling razor blades when I was seven!
  8. Not to be confused with a styptic pencil?

    Hope that heals in good time. Bandages are no fun.
  9. Well, I answered the question that he thought he was asking.:001_smile
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    Can't say I emphathize on the razor blade event... but I certainly sympathize.
    My big faux paux was with sharp kitchen knives. Little bit of inattention and a knife layed open my index finger really good while chopping vegetables.
    Hope your wound heals well...
  11. i have a merkur vision, getting a blade out of it is an art, and quite dangerus,
    thats one of the advantages of cartrige razors, its really hard to get sliced by a cartrige razor, but i suspect its a chance we all happily take,
  12. But when you do slice yourself with a cartridge you do it 2/3/4 or 5 times. At least with a DE there's only 1 cut to heal, not lots of little parallel cuts!
  13. I want to see the damage!!!!:biggrin: That gauze doesnt look bad at all. As far as I know you just made this all up :lol::lol::lol::lol:

    If its on the tip of your finger its gonna take a while to heal because you always use it. However, when it does heal it should look fine due to the fact it was a nice clean cut.
  14. Back in the day, all blades came in a package with a disposal slot. Now that is no longer the case, I keep an Altoids box to use.
    The box wouldn't help with momentary inattention, however.
  15. When I put a new blade on my HD I unfold the paper one side at a time and keep the wrapper between the blade and my fingers and then put the cap of the razor on then pull the paper off. This way no part of my bare finger is touching the blade.
  16. ya ya what he said......ok admit my spelling sucks....lol
  17. wow heal quickly... oh and superglue is wonderful :smile:
  18. You're not a real wet shaver until you have the scars to prove it.
  19. I got a couple of those....:mad:
  20. Yes, but would you trust someone who was (momentarily) clumsy with a razor blade with a tube of superglue? Who knows what they might end up stuck to!


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