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  1. drs


    I bought this razor at a local flea market. It is marked:
    M. Jung
    Made in Germany ,on one side, and JUNG"S SPECIAL on the other.

    Is anyone familiar with this razor? Is it a decent shaver? Is it worth having
    professionally honed? I have a second one but that one has rust on the blade near the cutting edge. What have I got here? :confused:
  2. I believe you have a German-made Jung's Special from M. Jung, New York.
  3. Haha. Astute observation.

    If it were mine, I'd hone it up and give it a go. You'll know what you've got once you put it to your face.
  4. I've got two of the same Razors. Always liked the looks of them. Both are like new, but have never used them. I'm also interested if anyone knows the history of this company & how good a shaver they are.

    Thanks guys
  5. What have I got here? you have a very nice razor that will make an excellent shaver once it`s honed,first one I`ve seen without the number 80 on it
    Kind regards peter

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