June 2012, SOTD "themed weeks"

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  1. Gentlemen, well June is almost upon us :ohmy:, and after a few successive FREE WEEKS, it's time to reveal the plan for the SOTD in the coming month.:001_smile

    OLD B&W, SOTD "themed week" 4th June - 10th June 2012: This week we would like to see your black & white shots with an old, vintage look about them. These pics look fantastic, so let's see all your talents to the full!:clap:

    BARBERSHOP PRODUCTS, SOTD "themed week" 11th June - 17th June 2012: Please show traditional products that can be found in Barbershops around the world. These can vary from strops/straights to soaps/creams, to larger bottles of aftershaves, etc. Please indulge us!:straight:

    SUMMER SCENTED SOAPS/CREAMS, SOTD "themed week" 18th June - 24th June 2012: The weather is now definitely in summer mode, and the time of year ideally suited to scents such as coconut lemon, lime, etc, in our shaving routine. Please show in your usual excellent pics, your preferences when it comes to these products.:c2:

    FREE WEEK, SOTD "themed week" 25th June - 1st July 2012: As is tradition here in the SOTD, the final week of the month is dedicated to pics of your choice:badger:

    And gentlemen, may we remind you that the SOTD is intended to be FUN:001_smile Please post, and most importantly.....ENJOY!!!:thumbsup:

  2. I can't wait :D
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