July 2012, SOTD "themed weeks"

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  1. Gentlemen, the time has come to reveal the SOTD "themed weeks" for July.:biggrin1:
    In keeping with the current and ongoing sporting events.....football, tennis, and of course the upcoming Olympic Games..... Marco and I have decided to revive the international theme by running weeks of paired countries. The countries are Italy, England, Spain, France, Germany, USA and Portugal, and the rest of the world.:001_cool:
    In order to accommodate this, July will not be carrying the "FREE" final week as we have become accustomed to.

    ITALY/GERMANY, SOTD "themed week" 2nd July - 8th July 2012: To kick the month off, we would love to see your pics containing shaving gear from these two countries. Both have quality products that need no introduction, so please reveal all in your magnificent shots!:drool:

    ENGLAND/USA, SOTD "themed week" 9th July - 15th July 2012: Please delight us with all that these two countries on opposite sides of the Atlantic have to offer. :badger:

    SPAIN/FRANCE, SOTD "themed week" 16th July - 22nd July 2012: These countries have some amazing products-soaps/creams/aftershaves, so let's see them all in the usual superb pics that the SOTD is renowned for!:thumbup:

    PORTUGAL/REST OF THE WORLD, SOTD "themed week" 23rd July - 29th July 2012: The final week of July is to highlight what wonderful products Portugal and the remaining countries of the world have to offer. Semogue brushes immediately spring to mind when Portugal is mentioned-their reputation for performance and quality is renowned. And no doubt you can surprise us with a few of the lesser known products produced elsewhere.:clap:

    We both hope that this coming month will bring out the spirit of competition between all the countries of the world. :a50:

    And gentlemen, finally, remember that the themed weeks in the SOTD is all about having FUN!

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