Joris razors?

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  1. I'm wondering how they shave. If you're going to spend $200 on a fancypants razor, it should shave well, right? I bought a couple scratchits for my 18th birthday; Lo and behold, I won $250 on one of my tickets. I figured I'd treat myself. It's between a Joris (for luxury) and a feather stainless (for badass). Opinions, gents?
  2. It's a beautiful razor. I've never tried one but it uses the same head that was on the old Muhle R41 and R89 models. I owned an R41. That is one crazy aggressive razor. Shaves were BBS but my neck was always tender. It's the only razor I've used that I can say that about and I use Feathers in my Tech, Iridiums in my New and Old Types, Gillette Yellows in my TTO's and set my adjustables at 7.

    Edit: I forgot to say congratulations on your win. All I ever win is air.:001_unsur
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  3. I would buy the Feather SS
  4. Yes I believe the head on the Joris is the old Muhle R41. Extremely aggressive.

    This is the R41
  5. I just picked one up, and am in the middle of writing up a review. My preview:

    Closest Shave Ever.

    I'm also dashing off a e-mail to the vendor I got the razor from, as I'm not convinced that the head on the Joris is the same as the Muhle R41 (but I have no evidence). They do appear similar if not identical. The Joris is much heavier, tho, and is finished in Palladium.
  6. Feather, no doubt.
  7. That razor looks incredible, well worth the investment.
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  8. I'd go Pils and a nice brush... but I'll never shave with any of them so who am I to say?
  9. I like the look of European style razors and brushes.
  10. Ok, question then as I am thinking about the comparison that was made between Joris and Muhle. I have a Muhle R41 open comb that is pretty darn aggressive and even two passes can give me some irritation. Here is the photo of the Muhle that currently is on the lower end of my rotation. Am I expecting to find the same type of issue with Joris then?

    Reason: I am attempting to collect a nice French style razor set with a Joris razor and Plisson brush and keep that set in my rotation.

    I would hate to have this aggressiveness be an issue, if not I am sure I will still buy it and work on my technique.
  11. Your photo is the newer redesigned Muhle. Slantman was referring to the older model which is supposed to be much more aggressive than the newer model.


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