Joris Razor: A very close shave indeed

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  1. Soon after taking up the use of a DE, I found myself scouring the internet for any and all current production razors. This was before I discovered vintage Gillettes. One of the razors I came across (on the Plisson website) was a razor made by Joris, and I immediately feel in love with the styling and construction of what was a very shiny, very well made razor. As I didn't want to order from France, I put the razor out of my mind, thinking that possibly someday I might pick one up.

    Fast forward two years. The Joris is now available in the States, I'm using the Pils exclusively, but would like something a touch more aggressive. So I pickedup a Joris lined, hoping it might provide a nice counterpoint to the Pils.

    Unpacking the box, I find the Joris wrapped in terrycloth and nestled in a small wood box, with the Joris name burned into the box lid. A nice touch, and certainly nicer than the cardboard most vendors use nowadays.



    Joris makes a number of different styles/models, all with the same 3 piece open comb head (which appears to be the same as the Muhle). I chose the lined model, as I wanted a bit more grip and thought the grooves might help.



    I wasn't sure about the bulbous handle, but was impressed with the weight. The Joris lined weighs in at a reported 105 g, which while not as heavy as a Pils certainly puts it in the heavyweight category. I get much better shaves from heavier razors, so this was good news for me.



    As an added bonus, it comes coated in palladium. I'm not a metallurgist, so all I know that it has a very bright shine to it, and the plating quality is top notch. Fit and finish is excellent, all the parts fit together nicely with no misalignment issues.



    Overall I find the Joris to be a well designed and constructed piece. More work of art than utilitarian shaver, It is a razor that I am proud to have in my cabinet.


    So how does it shave? I've been using it for the past week with different blades so I'll post up shaving impressions next.
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  2. nice looking razor - I would be curious about how it shaves as it appears to have a fairly heavy arch on the comb. does that affect your approach when shaving as compared to other open combs wit
    more muted arched heads?

  3. Gentlemen, that was the definition of Razor Porn. :001_wub::001_wub::001_wub::001_wub::001_wub:
  4. And then there is this sexy one:


  5. Oh hell,something else to buy.I wish I would not have opened this thread.
    I will be holding my breath to hear how it shaves.
    That is one good looking razor.
    If it is a Muehle head,could I get the same shave by just purchasing a Muehle razor?

  6. This is a gorgeous razor. I must own this and add it to my rotation!
  7. Wow, that is a beaut. Joris have a number of different models, all of them worth drooling over.
  8. Don't know. One of the things the Joris has going for it is that it is a bit heavier than the Muhele, which contributes to the quality of the shave, as you will see.

    I have to contact Royal Shave to find out if the heads are in fact the same. The do appear identical, tho.
  9. I've heard several things as the head being the same as the older Muhle razors, but they're definitely not the same as the ones in production now.

    Upon inquiring about it from Joris, they claim that all of their products are made in house - whether or not they have an old Muhle casing is another story.
  10. I have to admit, I'm not loving that handle shape. It does appear to be a quality piece though. YMMV applies once again. :thumbup:
  11. Thank you for clearing that up. Nice to know these are produced in-house.

    I was a bit worried as I have not traditionally liked bulbous handles, but I find the thicker middle actually makes the handle easier to grip. The lined surface helps as well.
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  12. I would prefer that the handle not taper off at the end, myself. But it is a very classy looking razor.
  13. The head looks a lot like the old Muhle R89 head.:sneaky2:
  14. Well,the man said it is produced in-house,that makes me want one even more and I am going to get one.
    I will have some stuff for sale on the B/S/T forum soon to help with the cost of this piece of metal.

  15. I have only shaved with one other open comb (a Gilette new) so I am by no means an expert on open combs. Given the design of the razor and the amount of blade exposure it has, I expected a fairly aggressive razor. I was not disappointed.

    Most of the solid bar guard razors I have been exposed to allow the razor to rest on your face with both upper and lower razor surfaces/guards touching your face, with the blade nestled in-between, protruding somewhat. At least that is how it appears to me, please correct me if I am wrong. The head cap on the Joris however sits back so far that for all practical purposes only the razor and lower comb make contact, meaning with increased blade exposure the razor has the potential to be far more aggressive. Again, correct me if I am wrong on this.

    In terms of aggressiveness, the razor does not disappoint. On my first pass, I find the razor removes at least 80-90 percent of my beard, rendering subsequent passes to be little more than touch up. This has allowed me to cut the number of passes I make each day down to three. (I make a total of 3 passes on the neck but only one above).

    For the first week or so I had to shave very carefully as I was worried that with too aggressive a technique I would end up removing a layer of skin. As time has passed an technique improved I find my speed increasing, but I still can't shave as quickly as before. Given the weight of the razor I use no pressure and let the razor do the work. Short strokes also seem to work best.

    The Joris is an aggressive razor, make no mistake; but as I become more accustomed to it I welcome its aggressiveness each morning, knowing that I will get a close shave. And as for closeness, 12 hours later I have little if any growth.

    Blade selection of course would influence how well any razor shaves. I have found the following blades work quite well in the Joris:
    Astra Superior Platinum
    Iridium Super

    Fair blades:
    Gillette Permasharp Green

    Blades that don't work so well:
    Bic Platinum

    Oddest blade of all was the Feather. First shave was exceptional, second horrible.

    In summary: I love this razor. While I find it to be a touch aggressive, with patience and the application of proper technique I find it yields up formidably close shaves. I'm very happy I added it to my collection.

    Many thanks to Royal Shave for carrying the Joris. It was nice to be able to order within the US.
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  16. That razor is magnificent! :w00t:
  17. As the OP said the Joris is quite aggressive. However, I greatly enjoy the weight of the razor. It aids you in allowing the razor to do the work. Maybe it is because I have only ben a DE shaver for three months, but with a lighter razor I feel the subconscious need to add pressure. Not with this razor.

    The blade angle and exposure tell your brain that you will be removing more than whisker if not using the lightest touch. When you allow this razor to work it just glides over your face while mowing whiskers down. I do agree about the elimination of passes. I am getting BBS shaves on my entire face with this razor with two with and one across passes.

    Yes, it is up there in price. However, as with most things French the luxury is well worth the cost of admission. I think I will go shave now and enjoy a croissant for breakfast.

    Happy and healthy shaves to you all today.
  18. Excellent comment--In fact, I think you have described the performance of the Joris better than I have.
  19. This razor is my favorite razor, my grail :001_tt1:
  20. Joris makes great looking shavers but their heads are indeed identical to the old Mühle OC heads. These come from the Italian firm Fatip that also sells under their own brand but I have only seen these on Italian web-sites.

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