Johnnie Walker & Sons is changing their whiskey line-up ...

Discussion in 'The Speakeasy' started by dpm802, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. dpm802

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    Johnnie Walker is changing its retail line-up of products ...
    adding some new items and
    some of our old favorites may not be available very much longer.
    Get ready for some re-formulations, re-packaging,
    and a mad dash to the liquor store to get what you can of the originals.

    (Gee, this sounds just like what soap companies do to us wet-shavers.)
  2. As long as they don't get rid of Black Label.

    And to save you guys some reading:

    Gold Label Reserve and Platinum Label 18 Year will start showing up in stores in June.

    Gold Label 18 Year (current Gold Label) will be getting sticking around for 12 more months in the US but gone everywhere else.

    Green Label is axed in 12 months also in the US. Axed everywhere else except Taiwan.
  3. Damn. I liked the Gold.
  4. you guys know they closed down the distilery in killie where it was made all these years right?
  5. Guess that pretty much ends my already tenuous relationship with JW.

    The Green is my JW favorite...but I hardly ever drink that with all the tasty and affordable single malts out there.
  6. im not a fan of blends. laphroig 26yr is my poison. i knew about the jw closing doors in killie because i have a friend who lives there.
  7. Yes, there was an article linked in another thread about the JW closure.

    I'd love to have the Laphroig 25 (or the impossible to find 26yr Hart Bros Laph) as my poison. It's a few hundred too rich for my blood, though.
  8. Gruder

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    Oh my goodness. Has anyone checked to make sure JohnnieGold is ok?
  9. johnniegold

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    Did I hear you right?


    Johnnie Gold Being Discontinued?





    Get me Diageo immediately. McGarrett over and out.


    No more Johnnie Gold. That is so uncool man. That's really a mind-blower.


    No more Johnnie Gold !! I'm flippin out, man.


    Better save up and buy the remaining bottles left in the U.S. :eek:
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  10. dpm802

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    +1 ... JWB has been my default for about 19 years now. Its what I drink, and its ALL that I drink.

    I tried the Double Black for two bottles, but I'm going back to the Original next time.
    The Double tastes good and smooth, but it doesn't have the same "kick" that JWB does.
    Also, the JW2B doesn't burn through my system as cleanly as the Original,
    I don't get the same buzz, and I also get mild hangovers from it,
    something that never happened with JWB.

    I guess Walker Distilleries never heard the phrase "If it works, Don't Fix It."
  11. Bummer about the green, that's the first scotch I really grew to like. Haven't had a chance to try gold, better do so quickly I guess. I'm fairly sure that the new lineup will be similar, JW is one for being pretty consistent IMO.
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  13. So the GLR and the PL 18yr...I wonder if one of those blends is going to be the same as the current Gold Label? Based on the pricing, PL 18yr seems close.

    It's funny that they say something to the effect, "Both the Green and Gold label have been something of an anomaly within the JW range". I agree. They're an anomaly in that they're the only two I drink...especially the Green. Damn them.

    I think The Famous Grouse is going to have to take over as the sole blend in my cabinet.
  14. dpm802

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    I really like the Green ... Its perfect for those rare times that I drink at home. 1oz of Green in a shot glass with one ice-cube, sip slowly, and if I draw it out long enough, the last of the ice has melted exactly, precisely when I take my final sip.

    Still, when I go to a bar, I get served Black. Only because of the fact very few bars serve Green. Otherwise, JWGrn would be my drink of choice when I go out on the town, too.
  15. Doc4

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