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  1. There is a lot of talk on here about prepping for a good shave by steam heating the face and lathering it with soap before a shave.

    I have been wondering, what is the traditional method of shaving prep in Japan or any other cultures? Do they all prep in a similar manner?
    Traditionally in Japan they use a different style of blade.
  2. Don;t know about the different preps as they relate to culture, but the underlying theme should be same. Well there's Western style Japanese razors and then there are the traditional Kamisori str8s...I think that's what you are asking!!
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    That's an interesting question if there is even a traditional prep method.

    It would be cool to see a Samurai movie with a Geisha doing a straight shave of a Samurai. Elaborate ritual and all, similar to a tea ceremony. Probably doesn't exist but I would sign up for one if it were available in Houston.

    Most of the Asians that I know, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese have very sparse beards compared to Westerners. The hair is much finer as well.

    I'm going to ask SWMBO (Korean).
  4. I would love to know
  5. Off topic but the SWMBO in my house is Korean too.
  6. Hex


    SWMBO watches a lot of the older Korean drama videos, from the time of the Koryo dynasty, 918-1392 AD.

    I asked her this morning if she had ever seen the Kings or Princes getting a shave. After she stopped laughing she said no, and that she cannot recall ever having seen it. From now on though, she will by paying attention for it.

    And, Annyong Haseyo to the SWMBO in rolisrgti06's house. :001_smile
  7. HAHA prob like o lord here we go again
  8. Ya know, I'm not meaning to stir the pot here, but this got me thinking that we don't have any Japanese or Korean members that I know of. Maybe it's the language barrier, but it would be nice to have more members from other countries and cultures on this site. It's great having the representation from outside North America but we do seem to have some holes. Even African Americans show up very sporadically. Maybe they think we're nuts.
  9. i'm african american and the hot towel and soap/cream prep works for me. i prefer to shave before i shower so i try to get my beard and head(i head shave) hair nice and soft before i hit it with the razor. the water from the tap doesn't get hot enough so i bought and electric kettle. works great.
  10. Most Japanese use an electric razor. If you asked the typical Japanese about any straight they would look at you like you were crazy. The instance of straight use there as compared to here is such that the instance here makes straight shaving look mainstream.
  11. Maybe Nidhog will weigh in. Think he is in Japan now.
  12. For what its worth and this is limited in number, but when I have had a straight shave by barbers in France, the hot towel is used after not before the shave.
  13. But if everybody posts in English, how would you know? :001_huh:
  14. Well, I've Japanese gf and I can tell you that Japanese are a lot more hairy that all the other asians. At least my gf is a lot more hairy than any other asian girl I've met. Not to mention few Japanese friends I have.

    Like others have mentioned they mostly use electric razors. From when I went to Onsen (hot springs) where you go in naked and do everything naked, you don't really stair at guys to see exactly what they do. At the few more high end Onsens they provide very sharp disposable blades with shaving cream/gel...

    The prep is nothing special from what I've noticed. Also for me I like to shave with cold water, works better than hot for my skin.
  15. When I see people here being shaved at the barber, they use a hot towel, lather whipped up in a scuttle and the Japanese style straight razor. The oy difference is the razor. My barber has an Omega brush on his shelf.

    As far as Japanese facial hair, as mentioned before, they tend to have very little and it's easy to cut with an electric. My father-in-law was surprised when he saw my DE in the bathroom when visiting. He hadn't used one in 40 years and hated it when he did! Other Japanese use cart systems and the carts last forever because of the lightness of their beards.
  16. Personally, I'd avoid any Asian prep, only because Asians, including the Japanese, aren't especially known for their thick facial hair. :biggrin1:
  17. I saw the same thing when a co-worker (caucasian) was asking a group our statistical modelers (all chinese) if they ever did any tai-chi. They said, "only very old people do that at home."

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