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  1. All,

    This is my first post here, although i have been lurking and do hold B&B responsible for excessive spend on DE gear.

    My new job will involve a lot of travel so the wife bought me a travel brush for my Birthday:


    This is a lovely looking brush. 20mm pure badger knot. Horrible to use! the knot is so loosely packed, itchy and floppy i knew i wouldnt use it as is. I ordered a TGN 20mm finest with extra hair.

    1st step, chop out old knot and dremel out the old plug (which was horrible job, avoiding damaging the anodised surface meant i had to go so slow).

    1) old knot removed, new knot ready, 5min epoxy in old cap.
    $jagger travel tgn (1 of 5).jpg

    2) TGN finest 20mm epoxied in
    $jagger travel tgn (3 of 5).jpg

    3) Brush complete - looks great and i went for a short loft for face lathering.
    $jagger travel tgn (4 of 5).jpg

    4) Brush packed away for travel duty

    $jagger travel tgn (5 of 5).jpg


  2. nice job
  3. +1

    And thanks for sharing.
  4. Great choice! That's a sharp looking brush.
  5. I have this model as well in black
    I find exactly the same thing
  6. yup, pretty horrible stock, just splayed out.

    With the tgn knot its great, nice in the hand and 20mm is a nice size.
  7. OtherMoe

    OtherMoe Contributor

    Nicely done!

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