Ivory sales and us... New ban is looking like it's going to be in effect

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  1. The new ivory ban makes interstate sales of anything ivory made illegal without proper
    Documentation of antique (over 100 years old as defined by them) so now we cannot sell our ivory razors across US state lines... Just a warning to all those who sell on eBay... The burden falls to the seller of proof and any items can be now confiscated without documentation..

    I have not read when this will take into effect but from my understanding very very soon....

    Even if the razor has just an ivory wedge it cannot be sold....

    PLEASE don't make this discussion about the politics as that is against our forum rules..

    Just putting a heads up out there
  2. Very interesting. I feel like this would be a very difficult thing for them to enforce on a National level.
  3. I was just thinking about this earlier today. One thing is for sure its not going to get any better.
  4. Yes it will be but is getting caught worth it over a razor
  5. There is nothing against possession afaik it has to to with sales.
  6. Nothing in there about possession.
  7. Nope nothing to do with possession I was referring to sales... It's not worth getting caught selling a razor with an ivory wedge across state lines... The law goes into effect in the next 90 days so ivory sellers are in panic mode...
  8. Wish I had the money to stock up. Sounds like a fire sale coming.
  9. No kidding... I bought a couple slabs.. And it cost me a lot!
  10. Its about $30 slab right now.
  11. And that 30 dollar slab will do only one side of the scales... You'll need two or 60 dollars worth to make one razor
  12. 100 years? That is ridiculous ... here the limit is 1947, same as in the UK and other European countries. Which of course is still arbitrary ... the elephants that made that ivory have died a long time ago already. But a century sounds needlessly restrictive.
  13. Today it's sales, down the road it'll be about possession. It's always an incremental shift.
  14. Proof that it's all about LOOKING like you're doing something. Not actually doing something. Actually getting the governments of these nations to enforce the law rather than just putting money in their own pockets and living like kings while their people starve is hard. Telling the post office they are cleared to go around stealing and smashing some 200 year old razor scales because there's no paperwork mailed with them and then patting yourself on the back for stopping the ivory trade is easy.
  15. I guess it's a good thing that the few ivory scaled razors I own are keepers
  16. I'm interested to see how much training they give the postal workers to differentiate between faux ivory and the real deal. We shall see.
  17. I don't think they're going to train postal workers but rather look for proof of item shipped...
  18. So from what I understand, this will go into effect around June?
  19. Someone on the other forums who sells ivory products said 90 days but I can't substantiate that... I have 1 ivory razor (helje mk31) so I'm not too worried but some people have 7 day sets they can no longer sell across state borders... Just another incentive to keep them

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