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  1. hit the road yesterday and left all my soaps home. so... I looked at my kit, figured what the hell, and loaded my brush off the bar of Ivory soap, then face lathered. worked just fine. no irritation or issues at all.
  2. This comes up about once a month or so. Personally, I used Ivory, back in the 1950s, when I used whatever was on the wash basin's back side, and didn't really know how badly it compared to real shaving soap (yet). Scroll all the way to the bottom of this page and look at the similar threads listed there.
  3. To me, Arko and Ivory smell eerily similar. The Arko smell is just a little stronger.
  4. They still make Ivory Soap??????????????/
  5. Ivory has worked in a pinch for me too. Actually worked quite well, although I try to use soaps formulated for shaving. Thanks for your post, Johnie R.
  6. I use ivory as a hand soap. I had aquarium fish for years and would wash up with it before puttering around inside my aquariums. Its pure soap without any additives that could harm fish.
  7. I primarily use Ivory for shaving, have for decades, even before I started using my Gem, back when I was using Bic single-blade disposables.

    Starting to try different things to see if any of them work better for me than my old standby, but at $0.40 per bar ... and effective ... hard to beat. Tried several different options found on here and on Reddit, but haven't found a confirmed replacement yet.

    Plus the wife uses Ivory because it's best for her skin, so there are multiple bars of Ivory in the bathroom here.
  8. A person has to do what they have to do in dire situations. As long as you had a good shave, that is what is important.
  9. i wouldnt be scared at all to try ivory in a pinch,....hell, Ive used hand dispensor mousse style soap as face lather......it worked ok
  10. cryhavoc

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    In a pinch, it has always worked for me. I used to use it as a face soap but it dries out my skin if I use it too often.
  11. SmoovD

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    I used Ivory soap for years. I also used a two blade disposable. They worked but they were no joy to use.
  12. I have used Ivory all my life...simple and clean. Love it
  13. I think Williams and Ivory smell very similar.
  14. When I first smelled MWF it reminded me of my grandmothers house smelling like ivory soap!
  15. Ivory used to be advertisted as a shaving soap! I used it camping and got a good shave using a Boar Brush to work up lather in a coffee cup and a Shick Injector.

    But I have not done it in 25 years. Give me Arko!
  16. Ivory Soap...99/44 100% pure...it floats :thumbup:

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