I've never been balder.

Discussion in 'General Shaving Discussion' started by FloorPizza, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. My stuff came yesterday afternoon. About two hours after I gave up waiting for it, and shaved.

    So today, I used the Proraso pre-shave balm, C.O. Bigelow's rebranded Proraso greeen, a new Derby Extra in my old no-name safety razor, and a Vulfix travel best badger. The whole experience was amazing, and relatively blood-free. The only complaint I had was that the Proraso pre-shave balm has way too much menthol, chemical-y feeling, artificial coolness. Almost to the strength of Ben-Gay. Yeesh. That kind of chemical feeling kinda creeps me out. It did do a good job of pre-softening the stubble, though. So I guess I'm back to shopping for a pre-shave that softens without all the menthol kick to it.

    I'm a head shaver, too. Until now, I'd been using a battery operated Fusion and Edge gel on the bean. To get an idea of how much better the Taylor's Avocado lubricates, I stuck with using the Fusion today, in spite of the fact that I really wanted to try a Derby on the head. Using the Taylor's, I was able to *start off* ATG on my entire head. Doing that without a reduction pass (or two) with the Edge gel would have meant donating a pint through the scalp. I'm proud to announce that I've never been balder. I have a totally BBS head. Now if I can just get the face to BBS.

    By itself, I can barely tolerate the smell of Taylor's Avocado, but when combined with the smell of a brand new badger brush...ew. The Taylor's performs so well that I'm hoping I can adjust to the smell, but right now it literally makes me gag. Is there a Taylor's cream that performs as well as the Avocado, but with a better scent? After reading a ton of posts, it would appear that alot of folks feel the Avocado performs better than the other creams in Taylor's lineup... help?

    Anyway, thanks to all you guys, I'm hooked. :001_smile
  2. Try the HeadBlade... I use it every morning ATG first pass with Bald Guyz Ultimate Shave Gel and have a BBS dome in about 45 seconds, (minus a little touch up around the ear of course).
  3. Welcome! :) Don't let the Shaving Brush/Soap/Cream/Razor Acquisition Disorder get you down.

    As far as another top performer, I believe the Trumpers Rose is another highly regarded cream with top notch performance. And yes, the Avacado is easily IMHO the top performer in the Taylors line up. Although that doesn't discourage me from trying others.
  4. Gonna go buy one of those right now. Thanks, Zook. :smile:

    Good to see ya, Fluxy! I made a deal with the wife where she gets to use all the creams/soaps/etc I buy, so this hobby is going to be a bit easier to spend money at than "that other hobby".:biggrin:
  5. Maybe get the wifey a Blue Star Gillette (a bit of a vintage razor, afaik). A lot of wetshavers have gifted one to their SO/Wives to use on their legs and some have come back with VERY positive results. Of course she'll need her own badger brush and all the accessories too if all goes well.

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