It's not a's jewelry! The Aristocrat Arrived

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by retturn2blades, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. The mailman brought a nice little "Priority Mail" box today, and the contents really made my day. The Aristocrat with all the trimmings...and a generous supply of extra blades (including a full blade safe) is now in its new home.

    I have to again thank BluesBishop (Ken) for parting with this Golden beauty.

    Here she is:

    $DSC02640.jpg $DSC02641.jpg $DSC02642.jpg

    My camera doesn't do it justice.
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  2. That's purdy.......

    You aren't going to get it all soapy and dirty are you" :lol:
  3. Very nice. I wish modern DEs had cases like these.
  4. That is one sweet shaver. Befitting for a veteran's mug! Congrats.
  5. Roger that, brother!
  6. Sigh. This makes me wish that I'd never parted with mine. It was in NOS condition and I sold it on BST in a moment of weakness. Treasure it.
  7. It sure is nice :love-struck:
  8. I have a similar razor. Birth year Aristocrat. I have used it once, and will probably use it only 1x/year....birthday. Also have another by razor and will do the same with it.....1x/year.
  9. Its a shaving instrument, awesome
  10. nemo

    nemo Moderator Emeritus

    Nice looking piece there, I hope you use it and enjoy it as I do mine. Congrats!
  11. I have recently upgraded to the aristocrat and find that it shaves beautifully, particularly when used with feathers.
  12. Take care of it!
  13. I extend my most sincere jealousy.:a14::a14:
  14. Sweet!

    And as I recently discovered: The Aristocrat is a damn fine shaver!
  15. alex2363

    alex2363 Contributor

    nicee bling...
  16. There is something special about the 46-47 Aristocrat. Enjoy....
  17. I hope you enjoy it brother!! I just got my another Old Type in today and ordered a only using open combs now that nice beauty wasn't seeing any love.....check that blade case...there should be 6 or 7 blades...I think I included a Iridium Super in there....make sure you save that for a nice weekend shave and you may never want another blade again!!
  18. Ken, how did you let that one go! :)

    Really beautiful unit there - enjoy it!

    Im jealous!
  19. Very nice! Enjoy!
  20. Lovely. Enjoy that shave.

    I agree - new DEs should come with exquisite boxes and packaging like some of these old ones.

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