Itching - Several out after shave

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  1. Gents,

    I have noticed recently that my jawline and occasionally part of my neck start to itch several hours after I shave. It's usually in the neighborhood of at least 8-12 hours after the shave and also seems exacerbated by having slept. If I look at my jawline closely I can see a few small ingrowns (or what looks like could become ingrowns) here and there but I don't think it's enough to cause this widespread itch. Occasionally it will happen anywhere i've shaved too, sideburns and cheeks, etc.

    I think it might be more of a razor rash of some kind. I know we have discussed this before around here by search proved fruitless. Anyone know what to do to clear this up?
  2. It could be your pillowcase, it could be something you're allergic to, it could be razor burn.

    Go see a dermatologist!
  3. I may have to but I have no health insurance right now and can't afford a doctor's visit!
  4. Not all Drs. Are expensive call around. See a General Family Dr. consultations are like 60 to 75 bucks.
  5. I have a tendency towards dermatitis, dry skin, eczema, and I always itch after shaving--I can start itching because I think of it so I'm certain it's not shaving's fault, just a trigger. Anywho, I put lotion on and that takes care of the itch practically immediately. I also have cortisone cream as a back up. Be forewarned that if you try lotion, use something that's meant for your face, because you could really get bad acne with regular. (Been there, done that...)

    I hope you feel better soon!
  6. Luc

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    Have you tried witch hazel?
  7. I have not tried Witch Hazel. I intend to get some whenever it occurs to me that I need to get some and I'm in the store. I always forget it add it to my shopping list...:lol:

    I think it might just be excessive dryness or irritation that takes time to develop. I'll try the witch hazel and moisturizer ideas and report back in awhile.

    Thanks gents.
  8. You probably have dry skin.
  9. ackvil

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    When I first started DE shaving - or rather returned to it - the neck area would itch. Thayers WH and a moisturizer cured it for me. I assumed it was a form of irritation from too many passes, blade pressure, etc. However, I continue to use WH and a moisturizer and no longer have the problem.
  10. I want to get some Thayer's but need to make a trip to Whole Foods to do that! That's all the way up to Boca...on a day off...blah!
  11. ackvil

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    If there is a GNC store near you, they carry Thayer's Rose Petal - which is my fav. The Vitamin Shoppe also carries it.
  12. Yea I saw it on GNC website. It seemed a bit pricey as I just spent a bunch of money I really shouldn't have spent.

    Don't know what it goes for at Whole Foods though either. VS Website seems to be the same as GNC.
  13. ackvil

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    When I got it at GNC they offered the second bottle at 1/2 price.
  14. Okay...that might be a gold card thing but i'll try and take a look today. I think it's closer than Whole Foods.
  15. nope, i got the same deal w/o gold card. it's a regular folk deal when available.. I think the gold card would get you additional discounts..
  16. regarding witch hazel....

    so i managed to find some Witch Hazel (Life Brand) at Shoppers Drug Mart up here in canada.

    MFG by Rougier Pharma. here is the link to the bottle LIFE, but mine is rebranded LIFE

    so is this the stuff people are using for post shave to cool and rejuvenate their skin, prevent redness and irritation? just pout a bit in my hands and splash and rub on my face?

    it's a straight liquid, just looks like a bottle of water and same consistency. 500ml for about $9

    i also like using some of our child skin cream on my face as it's very gentle and he has problem dry skin and it seems to help him (Vaseline unscented hypoallergenic) . would i be able to combine some WH and some CREAM and make my own concoction?
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  17. I'm getting the same problem with the itching. I shaved last night and used Musgo ASB (great stuff, btw) This morning my jawline was itching. I cannot remember if it was before or after my shower. I have noticed in the past that after a shave the initial growth would make my face/neck itch. Perhaps all this time it was just dry skin. I will take the advice here and pick up some Witch Hazel, but in the mean time I'll try reapplying the Musgo the next morning after I shower as that could have dried out my skin.
  18. If you like the lavender scent Amazon has some for 1.43 a bottle with no additional charge for shipping. You can get 5 bottles for like 14 bucks shipped.
  19. That's a good deal but if I go to Amazon...:lol:

    I need to try the stuff before I consider buying it in bulk and while that's a great deal, I don't want to try and get rid of a ton of it if it doesn't work for me.
  20. I love it personally. They have this at GNC also, its unfortunately expensive, Most large bottles of the astingent at the store are expensive also. The dickinsons is like 8 bucks a bottle as well, and smells awful.

    GNC has the lavender for sure

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