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    I was going to wait until all the new items were posted on the website but I have been getting numerous email and telephone inquiries so I figured it was best to start the April thread.

    New Announcements...

    1) People want to know the VITOS pricing so here is the pricing on the 1000ml bricks...



    VITOS (GREEN BOX), $23.99

    Please keep something in mind, anything over 1kg, I ship into the USA via USPS priority parcel service. One brick is roughly 1 - 1.1kg shipping weight, which costs me $15-17 to ship into the USA, depending on the State. Therefore, when someone buys one brick and pays $6.95 shipping, I eat $8 - $10 in shipping costs; also remember that all orders over $60 I ship FREE, therefore on those orders I'm eating the entire shipping cost. I have tried to make the pricing on the VITOS line as low as possible to offer these wonderful products to people at a great value. I believe wet-shaving should be an 'affordable luxury' and I try to run my business accordingly.

    There are 28 different items in the VITOS line that we are bringing; I have pricing for all of them if people need.

    These products will be available for sale on the 19th or 20th of April.

    2) Launch of RazoRock 100% Natural Handmade Products

    This has been our 'pet-project' for a while and these two products make my heart beat faster just thinking about them; I'm extremely excited about them. They have been in testing for months but I've been sworn to secrecy... until now!

    I searched for month to find the right soap-maker for this project. I had specific criteria; I wanted products that use only the best RAW and FRESH organic ingredients, are HAND MADE and made using the cold-process method and I wanted the price to be reasonable.

    The first product is the RazoRock 100% Natural Handmade SHAVE GEL. Most of my close friends and family refuse to use a traditional shaving brush so this product was developed to offer people the best brush-less product in the category. The amazing thing, it's also the best pre-shave solution I've experienced for traditional wet-shavers. I have a feeling that even people that love using their brushes are going to be blown-away by this product, I know I am!

    The second product is the RazoRock 100% Natural Handmade Aftershave Wax. People are going to say... "What in the world is an Aftershave Wax?" It's an aftershave cream like no other. Just wait til you use this product, experience the scent (a blend of 8 essential oils) and see your face after it's applied:001_smile. I believe you guys are going to be extremely impressed!

    These products will be available for sale April 19th or 20th.

    3) New RazoRock Shave creams will be also available April 19th or 20th. There are going to be 4 creams in the line now, they will be called ...

    RazoRock Classic (the current one that is for sale)
    RazoRock Fresco
    RazoRock Cacao

    and, my little surprise:biggrin1:...

    RazoRock XXX (It has been tough staying quiet on this one! lol)

    4) Trumper's is coming to!

    We are now an authorized stockist of Geo Trumpers. On April 12th you will see these products available for sale on the site.

    5) Over the past week, we have added a bunch of new stuff to the site, namely;

    Merkur razors
    All 5 new Edwin Jagger Razors
    Edwin Jagger Best Badger Brushes
    Edwin Jagger Soaps
    Col Conk Soaps

    You can find these products on the NEW PRODUCTS page...

    As always, We really appreciate your support and encouragement.

    Thank you B&B:thumbup:

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  2. Very good pricing. Your gonna have an abundance of orders on the 19th. :lol: I know I ordering
  3. YIPPEE....can't wait to get my hands on some of this stuff....Shave Gel, AfterShave Wax, RazoRock XXX....

    Great Job Joseph :w00t:
  4. Why Why.....Joe no......there will be an order soon....I feel it.
  5. After shave wax for me. And lots of it. And some of that xxx will be ordered on the 19th for sure. But what's the smell on that wax.?
  6. excellent looking prices on the vitos!
  7. More stuff to try Joseph!! :w00t:
  8. Can you tell us a little more about this aftershave wax? Is it like a balm, if not what makes it different? BTW my wallet is already crying with these announcements :laugh: Thanks for always having very fair pricing. :thumbup:
  9. Great news all around, and great pricing on the Vitos soap!:w00t:

    I'm feeling the urges to reoder. I predict it will become overwhelming later this month. :blush:
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    Good morning:thumbup:

    I wouldn't call it a balm. For me, a balm is more liquidity in consistency. This Aftershave Wax is creamy in consistency. It's very easily applied with a dap on your index finger and is very moisturizing but absolutely non-greasy. You will be impressed for sure. I am still blown away daily when I use it. I can't believe how my soap-maker took my thoughts from paper and made it absolutely perfect with the finished product. The scent is something really really special, in my opinion.

    Just for a teaser, the First ingredient is Orange Blossom Water:001_smile

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  11. Razorock - Looks like you will have more orders than you can handle?

    Looking forward to trying out the Vitos, as well as some of the Razorock line.

    You mention using USPS Priority in to the US. A little (potential new) customer feedback - I am fine if an order takes a little longer if it saves money on the shipping. From my point of view, there is no urgency to getting that next soap. With my backlog of soaps, a little wait for a new soap is no problem. So, please consider a cheaper shipping method, if available.

    if we lose the ability to track the order, it is worth it to save the money.
  12. RazoRock

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    Hi Leonard,

    I appreciate the feedback.

    USPS Priority Parcel is estimated at 4-8 business days; the problem with regular ground is the estimated time is 6-12 business days, which can be 2.5 - 3 weeks with weekends and holidays.

    Whether the service has tracking or not, every package has insurance included.

    I find USPS priority to be a great service, it's just a little costly but some customers really like the tracking ability.

    On lighter orders I use USA Air parcel which is estimated at 4-10 business days but it's usually pretty fast. It's only good for orders under 1kg though.
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  13. Very Very Nice! :thumbup:
  14. I won't presume to speak for the average customer, but I would be fine with the longer wait time, especially since these 1kg of Vitos are kind of an exceptional item in terms of shipping shave goods. i would guess - but others would need to chime in - that since this is likely the average soap users 10th soap and not the 1st, that the wait is ok.

    But, I also understand there is complexity and cost to adding another shipment option on your website and managing another shipment option for your pick, pack, and ship process.

    Either way, i will be a new customer when the Vitos has arrived - just hope to save a few bucks on shipping :biggrin1:.

    Also, I appreciate you doing the research and reposting. Appreciate the extra effort on a Saturday.

    EDIT: btw - as a customer, I really only worry about strict tracking and a tracking number when I am dealing with a new or unknown to me vendor. You have a great reputation here, so having a tracking number would not be a concern in this case.
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  15. Can't wait to get some Vitos. Gotta work through some more of my P160 stock pile first.
  16. "You mention using USPS Priority in to the US. A little (potential new) customer feedback - I am fine if an order takes a little longer if it saves money on the shipping. From my point of view, there is no urgency to getting that next soap. With my backlog of soaps, a little wait for a new soap is no problem. So, please consider a cheaper shipping method, if available.

    if we lose the ability to track the order, it is worth it to save the money."

    I'm of the same mind, I don't care if it takes longer to get shaving products. It's just not that important for me to get them fast. Would rather have economical shipping costs even if it takes longer.

  17. RazoRock

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    Thank you; I really appreciate the input and feedback.

  18. Somewhat closer to Proraso Pre/Post then?
  19. I gotta be 100% honest. When I order something from you, I want it as fast as possible. I was going to suggest that you deliver it to my home, in person, but if you won't.... I'll settle for Priority Mail. :biggrin1:
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    It consistency yes, like a soft cream. In performance, a totally different beast:001_smile

    Peter, I live north of Toronto and I hate the cold... believe me, in the winter I look for every excuse to get out of the cold. If it was economically viable I would be personally delivering all the packages to warm and sunny Arizona!:thumbup: :thumbup:

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