April Update... Surprise Surprise!

Discussion in 'Italian Barber' started by RazoRock, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. RazoRock

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    Ok, I was only expecting the Proraso Red Tubes today (Sandalwood and Shea Butter), but guess what? The A/S lotion arrived as well! Along with the new white tubs and new white balm!

    You can see them all on our NEW PRODUCTS page...

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  2. Quick question: Is the AS splash the same scent as the old version??
  3. As sodas the new RR soaps arrive, I will be adding a bunch of Proraso products as well!
  4. Very exciting news! Not yet though , but soon, I'll be ordering soon! TFS BABY!

    Great job!
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  5. C'mon payday Friday!!!
  6. Now my wait to put in an order just became exponentially more difficult!
  7. Thanks for the update. Order placed!-been waiting for the new AS lotion and Balms to drop picked up a tube of Sandalwood too, since it's getting big praise here.
  8. Marco

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    Bravo Giuseppe! But these are not what I'm waiting for...
  9. +1...
  10. Don Marco is what I'm waiting for, but my wish list is pretty full already.
  11. Green Tea & Oat? Why substitute aloe with oat?
  12. We have been spoiled with all the recent news. Lol. But yes, I'm waiting to Marco. Joseph is too much like a magician on stage with a black tuxedo and dazzles us with new products one after another. Next he'll offer MDC at magic prices!!:)
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  13. Will be putting through an order along with some new RR soap as soon as they're released...
  14. those look nice but i really wanna get the new razorock lineup
  15. :lol:
  16. RazoRock

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    It's getting closer... they are on the ship and making their way to me... see attached teaser :LMS

    That is a question you have to send to Martelli. The scent is almost the same though. Soon we'll be getting the Blue Balm which is Aloe and Vitamin C (or E), can't recall exactly.

    I can't make an promises, but... you never know:detective:

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  17. aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh
  18. Gaaaa....this is like shaving porn!!!!!
  19. More like torturing!!! I did not know Joe could be this cruel to us!!! :)

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