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Discussion in 'Italian Barber' started by RazoRock, Jul 4, 2012.

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    I just wanted to say HELLO, and...

    I want to wish you all a very enjoyable and relaxing summer!

    My partner and I prefer to enjoy the summer months with friends and family (in the traditional Italian style).

    We will be closed from July 10th to August 12th; we will continue to accept orders if customers want to place them, but they will ship upon our return.

    We launched some new products yesterday, but I will talk more about them when I come back... I think my mind is already in vacation mode:biggrin1:

    Cheers, my friends, be safe and hug your loved ones!

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  2. Enjoy the much deserved break!
  3. Cheers and enjoy your break!
  4. Darn're gonna FORCE me to place an order in the next couple of days, aren't you?

  5. Have a great vacation Joe!

    I look forward to the new products ordered yesterday and look forward to sending you more of my paycheck upon your return :biggrin1:
  6. Enjoy your time off Joe, you certainly deserve a break. With the 2 major new product releases this year I can't imagine how busy you have been.
  7. Enjoy your summer vacation and your family, Joseph.
  8. MWS


    Have a good summer Joe, put your feet up and have a few of those NC's you like so much!

  9. I ordered the S. Maria Cream, Mudder Focker LE soap, and Baby Blue AS on Wednesday. Got my shipping confirmation on Thursday. Unbelievable service! Enjoy your well-deserved vacation Joe!
  10. From an Italian (actually, Sicilian) American who's father was a barber/proprietor ("Joe's Barber Shop"), thanks so much for providing great products, prices, and service. Enjoy your vacation!
  11. Safe trip, Joe! If you head down this way, don't forget to take a trip to Mazzaro's!

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