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  1. During lunch yesterday I stopped by a small antique store that is always closed, but as good luck would have it it was open. It is a store that has that kind of nick nack stuff and mostly women's items. I was walking around and the store owner asked if I was looking for anything. I explained what I was looking for and she said she had a couple razors, but didn't know where they were. I was thinking , "Here we go, a beat up open comb with missing teeth".. And then she pulled out this:w00t:

    It is a floral edition in great shape complete with instructions on how to shave and the cloth case. I just gave it a quick clean-up and this is the result.

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  2. well wow. that thing is so sweet.. awesome find my wife would love that razor. congrats...
  3. Nice find! I always make a point to ask the owner if they have any shaving related items, brushes, mugs, safety razors, straight razors, strops, hones etc. (I'm addicted to collecting all things shaving:thumbup:)
  4. This is sweet! Nice find
  5. Beauty! That's like panning for gold and finding a half pound nugget! Enjoy!
  6. +1 .............Persistence pays.........Congrats!!
  7. Very very nice. well done.
  8. Yeeeeeeeah! Score! Congrats. It does indeed pay to ask. I've had many times I would be looking and a lady says "yeas I do" and go pull out a box that wasn't displayed and tada! Razors. Enjoy.
  9. Stunning razor! Congrats.
  10. Really a great score, congrats!!
    Hope she gave you a good deal with all those "missing teeth" :001_smile
    Interesting that this one came with a cloth bag, I recently found a pocket edition with a similar pouch (looks like different material)

  11. Nice score.

    Always ask. If they say no, ask if they know of another store that might have them. If they say yes ask them to CALL the other store for you :001_smile
  12. alex2363

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    Matt, did the cloth bag come with it? Does it fit right? How $$$$$
  13. alex2363

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    I have not seen many with that bag.
  14. Alex,

    The bag fits perfectly.. And it was 20.00.. I didn't even ask for a lower price ..
  15. Wowza, $20 for that in case is beyond a deal - definitely hit under par on that hole.
  16. Double score!
  17. Nice score! Yep, always ask. The first time I went into what became my favorite shop, I walked around and didn't find any razors. I found lots of blades, but no razors. On a whim, I asked the lady and she said, "There's a whole box of them." She took me back, and tucked away on a lower shelf was a cigar box full of safety razors. I'd completely missed it. Nothing fancy, but a decent selection at a good price. Over the course of a few months I pretty much cleaned her out. But I would've missed them entirely if I hadn't asked.
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    Under par for sure, like a hole in one on a par 5... lol
  19. Matt, I just have one bit of advice:


    Congrats on a great find at a steal of a price!:thumbup:
  20. Wow $20.00 For that thing ? I would take it back and get a Refund, Once you get the refund send me the Address to the shop you got it at, I'm going to have a talk with the owner for not giving you a better price :sneaky2:

    Jaja, Seriously thats a Sweet find :thumbup:

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