it finally dawned on me . . .

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  1. having been a recent 3-4 months convert to DE shaving, (mach 3 before) I found the transition of technique not a big issue, within 4 shaves I had a BBS, used feathers successfully, on the 3rd week (15-20 shaves) with only minor 2-3 weepers, and never had any issues with my neck . . cettainy not the issues around irritation and rough shaves . . .

    it finally dawned on me this morning, I have no adams apple !!!!

    i have a fairly thick neck (not fat ) and the surface is uniform with no bumps or change in contours, i can do an under chin ear to ear sweep, in one motion with all my razors, and all my blades, I usually do 1 WTG, then 2 ATG ( 1 from each side) passes and I have a BBS . . . all due to a thick, but unifrom neck area . . .
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    In the wetshaving world, you have the perfect neck, congrats.
    For a lot of us, it's those little hollows on either side of the adams apple that give us hell.
  3. You may want to ask your parents some tough questions about your early childhood :lol:
  4. childhood is fine, it's the adulthood which is more worrying :w00t:
  5. You're blessed to have such a neck while the rest of us suffer in misery !

    Glad to see you're enjoying it :001_smile
  6. I think I shaved mine off!
  7. Hmmm. Interesting. Have you reported that missing adams apple? :confused: :wink: :001_rolle
  8. Green with envy I am! :001_smile My adam's apple gives me trouble every day.

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