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  1. I stopped at the local german store ( on the way to work, and picked up some chocolate with hazelnuts (the Euros do chocolate better than we could dream of). I am taking a bite, then a sip of coffee. Those two taste just do something for me. The warm, rich coffee (we have good stuff in the client lounge) melting the sweet chocolate- it is almost better than bacon.
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    scotch and lapschang shouchong is a nice combination also.
  3. too bad I don't drink anymore :001_smile
  4. perhaps enjoy your coffee w/ a cigar?
  5. What is the good stuff in your client lounge?
  6. gearchow

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    Sweet washed down with coffee seems to be a winning combo. But I don't know if euro chocolate is better. It is different though.

  7. We have a Starbucks machine. That statement may cause an uproar here, but it is 1000% better than the stuff in the employee lounge
  8. Yeah, we do have good chocolatiers here, but their everyday chocolate bars are better than ours
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    The frying pan is also 1000% better than the fire ... we take your point. :wink2:
  10. after having had russian dark chocolate only for a couple years, i was sent a hershey's milk chocolate bunny... i tossed it after one bite.. it was really not even a contest..
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    That bunny stuff is probably cocoa flavored palm oil.
    El Ray makes an excellent milk chocolate. Single origin and 40% cocoa solids.
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