Is there a point in different hair grades in rotation?

Discussion in 'Shaving Brushes' started by chef8489, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. Well I currently only have one brush and looking for an edwin jagger brush. My shavemac is a d01 and I am wondering if there really is a point in getting anything other than a silvertip. The brush I can find from ej is only a best badger and wondering if it is worth it. I am trying to find a vendor in the us to get this brush or one in super or silvertip.
  2. I have four brushes in regular rotation, including that very inexpensive Shea brush from Target with black badger hair. Others include a silvertip from Penworks, a Simpson Tulip 1 in two-band, and a Simpson Berkeley in best (which seems to be better/softer than most "best"). I use both soaps and creams, almost always face lather, and I really like the variety these brushes offer.

    The Simpsons are both terrific with soaps (but work well with creams, also) and the Shea is just scritchy enough when I'm in the mood for that. The silvertip is soft, soft, soft, and a pleasure with TOBS Mr. Taylor cream.

    Is this a horses for courses thing? Maybe. But its nice to have the choices available ...
  3. Some folks use different grades for different purposes (one for face lathering soaps, another for bowl lathering creams, and so on). Others just enjoy variety.
  4. Stick with what you like - I have a rotation of seven brushes, and they're all Two-band :biggrin:
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    I agree with Hunter- sticking with what you like is a great idea. (Un)fortunately, I like all of my brushes :thumbup1: - in Pure, Best and Super/Silvertip. I really enjoy the variety.

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