Is the Streich-Riemen Loom Strop any good?

Discussion in 'Strops/Stropping' started by merkurguy, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. I am thinking of getting this strop at classic and was wondering if anyone has one of these and if you think it is a good strop
  2. I don't have the loom but I have their paddle and find it to be great as a travel strop. For home use I prefer a hanging strop but the paddle does the job.
  3. I figured it would make a nice chromium strop and maybe use the other side for something else.I originally wanted a four sided paddle but tony is out at the moment so I couldn't wait.There goes another 50 bucks.
  4. I made a 4-sided paddle for about $18 with the HandAmerican strop leather and a piece of cherrywood. Picked it all up at Woodcraft. Took about 2 hours including driving over there.
  5. I am going to make one of those too probably. Its only money.:frown:
  6. I got this strich-reimen paddle strop it came with one side smooth and the other pre-pasted with the chromium oxide (and it was put on very heavy), it measures about 12" x 1"1/2" overall and has a hard sleeve type cover to it so it makes an ok travel strop too
  7. I just got it yesterday. Its a nice strop. Its small but works for stropping with chromium and the other side is leather. I may put some .25 on the leather side. Its good for keeping an edge.:biggrin:I have my apprentice strop for shaving.Mine is the loom strop from classicshaving.
  8. I would recommend putting 1 micron on the other side, if anything.

    The 0.5um crome ox is as nice a finish as you'll need for a straight. By having 1um diamond paste it will allow for some edge "refreshing" without having to go to the hone.

    The egde off of 1um is also pretty nice in its' own right, but the chrome ox is a bit smoother on the face.
  9. Thanks for the suggestion. I haven't bought anything as of yet. My blade is nice as is right now with just the CR.I'm still experimenting though.

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