Is silvertip *worth it*?

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  1. In reading about badger brushes, I get the sense that there is a very real difference between best and pure, pure and super, etc. Indeed, I have seen the difference first hand - the lather from a puck of tabac is just better with a better brush.

    However, from reading the stickies, I get the sense that that isn't necessarily the case with silvertip. From what it can tell, silvertip brushes are a luxury-item, and my tabac and I would be better-served by getting a good boar brush for $15, which should be coming in the mail soon... Is it worth it getting a silvertip? Functionally speaking, is there any improvement in lather-generation? Or do the less-fancy brushes do a better job of building a respectable lather, fast, while exfoliating the skin at the same time?

    Any sage advice you guys could offer me would be most appreciated.:001_smile
  2. I have two similar sized Muhle brushes, one pure and one silvertip. I honestly don't notice any difference in lather building with creams or soaps. I don't notice a difference in the quality of shave due to more/less exfoliation either.

    I got the silvertip because the pure feels a little too scratchy to me but I still use the pure from time to time especially when travelling.
  3. Hard question to answer. In terms of functionality there isn't a brush that can't handle what you throw at it. You might take some different approaches than someone else would take to get an acceptable lather, but any brush will work. The different types of hairs do make a difference in certain ways, and they could fit more into your style of shaving.

    There's no brush out there that's the end all of all shaving brushes for everyone. I wouldn't be past 15 at the moment, and have sold or given away others by now if there was an end all. :lol: They all have their own special things. I hope that helps somewhat.

    I've wondered about it myself with the differences and it's something for myself I've had to experience it for myself. Although I've found many others reviews spot on to what I've found, so it can be described, I just don't have the words to do so. Here's hoping someone can do it better. :thumbup1:
  4. Less of a difference between silvertip and badger than there is with badger and boar. But for the connoisseurs, this difference is worth it.
  5. +1... :thumbup1:
  6. Silvertip is nice, provided you get the knot and loft dimensions you prefer. Rooney Super Silvertip is amazing, but a lof of that is owing to the short loft of, say, a 1/1. It would be a somewhat floppy brush with a 60mm loft.

    I like short-loft brushes with a lot of backbone and soft tips. For me, silvertip with a short loft is worth it. One huge exception to this is Shavemac's Finest hair grade. I would take Shavemac Finest (in a short loft) over most manufacturer's silvertip grades, especially for the money. Shavemac Finest is a tremendous value.

    In short, it depends on the manufacturer and your preferences. Some people like a scratchy brush and never buy (or keep) a Silvertip. Every chance I get, I tell folks to order a custom Shavemac in Finest. It's very soft, performs great, and with a short loft (45mm) has a lot of backbone.

  7. well said. this should be a sticky.
  8. Yes. A good silvertip will be one of the best brushes you ever use.
  9. mdunn

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    short answer - yes.
  10. My skin is not very sensitive at all, so for me, it's usually not worth paying more for the softest tips. However, maybe it's just my imagination, but it seems like some of the brush lines get a bit more dense as you move up the chain.
  11. +1
  12. It is not your imagination. This is true for many brushes.
  13. Yes, I really enjoy using my Silvertip!!
  14. Worth it = very subjective. I say yes because I don't mind spending a lot more money for a marginal improvement (relatively speaking) on luxury items. If I were just approaching this from a strictly utilitarian standpoint, I'd say definitely not. The other problem is that some silvertips are super floppy. I've got one that is really floppy and one that is semi-floppy, and it really chaps my hide. Personally, I've got several silvertips, but my workhorses are my super Rooney and a Boar.

    Good luck answering this for yourself.
  15. May I ask which Boar?
  16. Semogue 1305 it's pretty nice:thumbup1:
  17. Short answer, no! Let me explain...Given using Tabac soap, a "better" brush is not = a more expensive brush. For this application (i.e., in terms of performance vis-a-vis shaving soap) the better choice is a decent boar brush. For shaving cream the better choice is badger; a finest or silvertip brush, depending budget constraints (a pure brush would do the job just fine). Having said that, opinions are like noses, everybody's got one; including yours truly :yesnod:
  18. I don't know what boar you got but based on the price (15) it should be a good one most likely you bought an Omega. You will appreciate the backbone and once broken in it will be super soft. I really like my current boar (a Vulfix) and plan on just getting a better boar. (Omega 31064) Since I pretty much only use soaps I have no desire for a Silver Tip.
  19. Gratzi :biggrin:
  20. Exactly! The best brush is not the most expensive one. It's the one the works best, and what works best varies from person to person, product to product.

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