Is Lynn Abrams still Honing for Hire ?

Discussion in 'Shopping and Deals' started by leicaron, May 14, 2012.

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  1. Been away a while ....

    After months of Safety Razor shaving I want to get my Le Grelots back in shave state.

    Is Lynn Abrams still the best Honemeister and does he still provide a honing service ?

    Thanks !!
  2. Wow
  3. HLS


    Strange to ask here in my opinion. You could try that other forum:001_rolle
  4. consider this pot stirred.

    I am pretty sure he is still offering honing services.
  5. Whoa, what did I miss ? Thought he was a friend over here ?
    Didn't he take care of al of the special edition Le Grelots ?
  6. Since you've been gone I have usurped him as Honemeister Extraordinaire' and banished him to the nether regions of Doom (A.K.A.- SRP), but to get me to hone even one of your razors you must kiss my ring, bow down before me, and grovel at your unworthiness.

    Then, and only then will I perhaps deign to add your razor to the Gravy, I mean..the to-do pile.

    Proper titles when addressing me are: Your Magesty, Your Royal Honeness, Your Excellency, Thou Who Art Higher Than Art, Sir Seraphim the Suave, etc. etc...

    Or you could simply jump on the lapping film bandwagon and save not only your dignity, but also a fair bit of money.

    Grovelling, however, is always welcome!
  7. lol, this is great. Questions answered and comedy.

    Look upon my works, oh ye mighty and despair!!!

    Lowly honemeisters are but bothersome gnats nipping at my ankles as I exist upon the rarified air of single micron excellence.

    Pay no attention to that pasted cotton belt behind that curtain! Honing razors is no simple thing! No! We must have obfuscation, hyperbole, innuendo, and bravado!
  9. This thread is destined for greatness.
  10. +1

    Or Jarrod of "The Superior Shave"

    I can't say that I've ever had a "Lynn" hone but Craig and Jarrod edges are laser-sharp and smooth!
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  11. Forgot about all these alleged honing legends. I will sharpen your straight for a very reasonable rate. I use a progression that is trademarked, by me, and offers the finest edge.

    Here's the super top secret, proprietary, honing progression, that you will receive ....

    1. Several passes on my cement front stoop.
    2. Several X stokes on a piece of walkway slate, found in my backyard.
    3. Strokes as needed on old broken bathroom floor tile.
    4. Strokes as need on a piece of old rubber tire
    5. Stop : On a piece of old pleather, taken from an old couch in the garbage.
    6. Strop: On old piece of pleather, treated with Bacon fat (for glide)

    Let some of the above mentioned hack honers match this. Your blade will give you a truly unique feel.
    PM me anytime, for this royal treatment.
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  12. I think it was the Gold Dollar mods that he was doing. I could be wrong.

    BTW: Putting aside the political fun, I'm sure he is still honing razors. He just may not be here. If you want to have him do them again, you might have to go to the other forum to contact him. But, as Seraphim suggests, you can do your own for the cost of doing one by Lynn (or about anyone) and have the equipment to continue the upkeep for quite some time. See the threads on honing with lapping film. I got mine from 'Bestsharpeningstones' - kit #2. Here is a thread that is shorter and explanatory enough (maybe):
  13. Krodor

    Krodor Contributor

    Now now...I sense a bit of hostility... ;) For the sake any newcomers, I think it is fair to say "yes" or "no". In this case, I believe the answer is "yes".

    I think that for many, the word "honemeister" implies the ability to hone edges in an echelon above that of "regular people". As many would agree, there is a little art to it, but really, it's not all that hard to get a great edge, it just takes some practice.
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  14. gearchow

    gearchow Moderator Emeritus Contributor

    y'all need more coffee in this thread. :w00t:

  15. BTW, I keep my ring in my back pocket...
  16. Here is the video of the passing of the torch.

    The audio got mixed up: wherever it says "Obiwan", it should day "Lynn", and where it says "Darth" it should say "Seraphim".

    Also "evil" should be replaced by "synthetics"
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  17. This thread is great. :lol:
  18. How many razors? I do believe he still does offer honing services. There are also many fine gents here that provide awesome edges. Some folks might even offer to do a razor for free.
  19. Sorry guys, I had absolutely no idea !

    I humbly retreat with tail between legs.

    In the mean time, who can help me with my double dinged Le Grelot ?
  20. Luc

    Luc Moderator Emeritus

    I would suggest this page:

    If you do want a specific person to hone your razor, I would suggest that you contact that person directly.
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