Is it worth wearing a watch?

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  1. I have a cell phone (pocket watch).

    Watches for me have always been "battery dies in 5 years, then you get a new watch." I had a Casio calculator watch that lasted like 12 years on the same battery (!), the band broke before the power ran out.

    Over time this has become "battery died." Seriously, I have a cell phone. The battery's rechargeable. It's not like a watch is going to plug in and recharge; the battery dies eventually and you have to go inside.

    I actually went through watch withdrawal for like 3 or 4 years... just never bothered to buy another watch, eventually stopped wanting one hanging on my wrist.
  2. Mine is treated as an accessory and not as a necessity. I still usually use my phone to check the time, but like the look of a nice watch.
  3. I can get by without a watch in a casual setting. But the idea of carrying a cell phone in the pocket of a suit at any sort of dressy occasion just seems wrong. Admittedly, my cell is of the hefty Blackberry type, but it really seems to flop around in lightweight wool slacks. No elegance in that.
  4. I just happen to like watches so I wear one almost all the time (preferable a luminous one at night). For very accurate time, like phoning a client, I use the phone or computer since some of my watches are off by a few minutes now and then.
  5. I am not sure why but I have always liked a watch. I know I can check the time on my cellphone or Linux box but I just like my watch. I always looks at my wrist for the time and feel like something is missing if I am not wearing one. :)
  6. I feel naked without mine!
  7. I quit wearing one about three years ago. I have a Timex I use to set intervals when I work out, and I've considered getting a diving watch (for actual diving), but I don't miss it in day to day life.
  8. Anytime I ask someone the time and they doint know they say " I dont have my phone on me"! :biggrin:
  9. Me too:cool:

    Always wear a watch. A lot easier to glance at the wrist than pull the phone out of my pocket.

    Get an automatic and you never need a new battery. The Seikos are good quality and relatively reasonably priced.

  10. I want a Seiko 5.
  11. I don't have a cell/mobile phone, I'm not important enough, but I do own 6 watches ranging from a humble Seiko diver's watch to an exquisite Patek Philippe Calatrava. Get rid of the cell phone, which is purely a frippery, and invest in a good watch.
  12. +1

    never without a watch, plus watches say much more about "you" than any changed as soon as a new model comes out mobile
  13. 1) It is much easier to glance at my wrist to tell the time than it is to dig a phone out of my pocket.
    2) I don't mean to be argumenative here, but when I see people checking their phones often I think of 13 year old schoolgirls constantly texting each other.
    3) My watch battery lasts several years. When it's time to replace, it probably needs a thorough cleaning and maybe even a new crystal, so to the jewler it goes for a tune-up.
    4) I really enjoy my watch and get a lot of compliments on it. It is much more than a time-telling device, it is an accessory to my wardrobe.
  14. I wear mine more as an accessory as well. Have you considered an automatic watch or a traditional wind up one?
  15. I could get by much longer without a watch than I could without my phone.
  16. +1

    I went 17 years without wearing a watch and then finally got one. I now cannot stand being without it (or my other one).

    To the original poster: you do not have to get a watch with a battery. Automatic watches are a great alternative (and the one that watch connoisseurs turn to).
  17. I hadn't warn a watch for about 4 years.

    A couple of damned threads on B&B gave me WAD :001_tongu

    Two "new" watches in 2 weeks ( only because all my other watches had dead batteries ) .....

    Actually it's quite nice not having to fumble for the mobile out of the pocket everytime you want to see the time :001_smile
  18. It's something about having something mechanical that works precisely day in and day out and it never lets you down. Its mechanical majic.

    I mean you are correct, the time is on the phone, the computer, the television the town hall, the car, you can ask a police man or the man in the street, But you never really know if its the correct time. The correct time however is always ticking away on my wrist. Very therapeutic, a bit like shaving or watching a fish tank.

  19. A fine watch is much more than an appliance for the telling of time, especially a mechanical watch. It is a work of art, a personal statement. Sure, it can be an extravagance, but, for many, the pride of ownership of a such a mechanical masterpiece is worth the price of admission.

    Check the "Watch Ya Wearin'" thread for some ideas of what I am talking about.

  20. I do the same thing. My watches are nothing more than a complement to my out fit and rarely do I ever look at it anymore.

    I've even caught myself looking for a clock or asking the time when my phone dies only to realize I have a working watch on my arm.:rolleyes:

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