Is it just me or does Floris No.89 smell like Aqua Di Parma Colonia?

Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by thevelvet, May 15, 2008.

  1. To me they smell almost identical.
  2. Well, while they do share a citric top and a rose middle note, AdPC finds a nice balance between fresh and powdery. No 89 kills the citric top notes 5 min after the application and then the powder dominates completely. I cannot stand it.

    Another thing that is different is that the citric of No 89 smells like bergamote while AdPC smells more like lemon-lime. Of course, YMMV
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    Very keen observation. I agree.
  4. They are certainly not alike. No. 89 has a strong jasmine scent which is really quite old-fashioned to my nose. It smells like expensively scented talcum powder or facial cream for elderly ladies. Colonia smells like flowers too, but instead of the dirgelike and headache-inducing heaviness of No. 89, it uses fresh and energising ones allowing you to take more than one whiff of the product. I don't associate Colonia with powders, however.

    Were I made to choose between the two fragrances, I'd pick Colonia. By a mile.
  5. On the dry down it is totally different, ill agree. What I meant was if just smelling straight from the bottle or even at first on the skin, the two are quite alike. No.89 is quite powdery in the dry down though, that I agree with completely.
  6. True, but it is rare that you compare out-of-the-bottle scents (which are loaded with solvents like alcohol and isopropyl alcohol anyway) or scents straight after application.

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