Is bleeding normal?

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  1. It seems that I always get a little weeping blood on my upper lip and chin when I shave. Obviously the more I am in a hurry the more blood I have, but even when I really take my time, there are one or two spots where the blood seeps through. Am I doing something wrong or are my razors dull? For what it is worth, I shave wtg then xtg and sometimes atg. I've also noticed that my ancient of days "wade and butcher" does better than my newer dovo. Go figure.
  2. Hi my friend i would not say blood loss is normal at least not after wet shaving awhile unless you are going from DE to Straight or just starting out.... Maybe your angle is off a little or a bit to much pressure?
  3. when i started out, i had a few spots of irritation left by my crappy cartridge razor, that i would agitate/would bleed with the straight........had to bring myself to grow a full beard for about a month so they could heal properly (although it was fun to hack off the beard with a straight later):lol:
  4. No, straight razors are really smooth. Almost to a fault. There should be no bleeding.
  5. When in life is bleeding ever a good sign?

    No, it's not normal :lol:.
  6. professorchaos

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    Only if you cut yourself :wink:.
  7. No, its not normal. Probably due to too high of an angle.
  8. Donating blood? :wink:
  9. Bleeding is not normal. New straight shavers usually have problems in three areas: angle, pressure and stretching. For the angle, lay the blade flat against your face and then lift enough so that's it's not touching. For pressure, use none. Let the razor do the work. For stretching, always stretch and, when shaving your upper lip, make a big monkey mouth to stretch the skin.

    If those don't help, the razor is probably dull.
  10. No. Bleeding should be a rarity. Time and practice will eliminate those weepers.
  11. Weeping is normal, bleeding isn't. Weeping is stopped by applying an Alum block after the first cold water rinse.

    Don't shave in a hurry. Get up half an hour earlier, like I do.
  12. +1 the Alum block helps a lot :cool:
  13. Surely drawing blood, even just weepers, on a regular basis, is not normal? Or is it for straight shavers?
  14. Depends on how BBS you want to aim for! :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

    Ok, I'm joking. Sort of. But you can get the same or similar results without weeping by reducing the angle, using a sharper razor, and/or reducing the pressure.

    In my experience that is. YMMV.

  15. When your not married, about every 28 days.
  16. Don't believe these guys of course bleeding is normal. When I shave I loose buckets of blood. That's why we all do periodic autologus blood donations and keep a few spare pints in the frig.:smile:
  17. Call back in a year and we'll see.:death: you mean this kinda blood?
  18. It is easy to keep opening up a knick/weeper/cut in the same place.
  19. Weeping is more normal than bleeding. Most of my shaves I don't get weepers. Very rarely I draw blood, that's when I screw up and cut myself.
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  20. Um, could I maybe get a little clarification here. If I lift the blade till it's not touching my face, how can I shave? Are you saying to lift the spine till it's not touching?

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