Is anyone using a Pilot Vanishing Point?

Discussion in 'The Nib' started by Brodirt, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. If so I would appreciate a review or some input on how it would work for daily heavy use. I am a heavy user of both ball point and fountain pens and thought I would enjoy going to a fountain pen only and the VP would fit the bill. Thanks.
  2. They are very, very nice pens from my understanding and reading through FPN. It is a pen on my wishlist, but I am very happy with my Parker51 Vac in black right now. That pen will hold up to anything.
  3. I use one and love it. Actually it's a Namiki Vanishing Point. I believe there was a merger or buy out with Pilot a few years back. Anyway, I've had it for 6 maybe 7 years and it is an absolute joy. Writes well, doesn't dry up when stored for a few days, doesn't leak and has been responsible for starting a few interesting conversations.
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    I use a black vanishing point with fine nib daily. It's a workhorse -- one hell of a pen. I switch off between Diamine Monaco Red and Aurora Black. Great inks.
  5. My VP has seen allot of miles. A great carry pen for your shirt pocket. 18K nib in a fine point. Did I hear someone say "workhorse" how true.
  6. How about for work with forms w/wo carbons? I'm a cartridge user and my Aurora's are bad on form stock and form stock w/carbons...if I push hard (with its perils) I can usually pull it off. Are there inks that might work better (I'm not familiar with ink I said, I am a cartridge user) for form/carbon stock?
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    I have a few VPs, both the old style and the newer ones, and they are wonderful pens. You can definitely use them on carbons, just don't go crazy. The only drawback to the VP is using the converter for bottled ink. It holds a ridiculously tiny amount of ink. Use the cartridges instead.

    Another fantastic Pilot pen is the MYU or the later version known as the Murex. It's a one-piece sort of "stealth fighter" looking pen that would definitely work with carbons. Unfortunately it was made only during the 1970s and is scarce (and therefore expensive) today. However, Pilot makes a limited edition "homage" re-issue called the M90 which you can find through various eBay sellers. I have 3 of them and they are fantastic writers. Here's a link to a web photo of both the original MYU and the new M90:
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  8. If you are writing on forms and carbon, I would stay away from gold nibs, pressing hard with a gold nib makes me cringe :eek:

    +1 on the M90 :smile: in fine, that would be a good choice for forms. I just added a fine to my collection, what a great pen.
  9. You have no idea how envious I am that you have 3 M90's. I've been eyeing them, but I can't pull the trigger.
  10. Wow, that Murex is a beautiful pen. Definitely not my style but I don't think I would need a lot of convincing to give something so unique a try.

    For those using the VP, as suggested by DGS, do you prefer cartridges? Which ones are you using?
  11. I carry everyday a Vanishing Point and a MB roller in my jacket, the Pilot is always a sure bet, no leakages and always ready, although I use a MB 149 (and others) when I am in the office.
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    BTW, the best prices I have ever seen on VPs are right here in Michigan from Pam Braun at Oscar Braun Pens. In addition, she will sell you additional nib inserts so you can have one pen but have two different nibs to use with that pen (i.e., one pen but both fine and medium nibs), without having to buy two separate pens. Here is a link to her site. Best to call her directly. She also sells the Pilot M90, by the way (assuming whe has any left. The U.S. was only alloted a few hundred for sale by Pilot, which is why you may have to search eBay to find some for sale by Japanese sellers).
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    One other great writing fountain pen of the "stealth" variety is a vintage Parker 50, a/k/a the Parker "Falcon." These are relatively easy to find via a web search or on eBay. Same one-piece integral nib like the Pilot M90, and it uses an interchangeable cartridge or converter system. I have one and really like the way it writes. You can usually find them for well under $100 in mint condition (closer to $75, most times). Here's a link to a photo (the fountain pen is on the bottom in the photo):
  15. This is one of the great bargains in the pen world and will hold up to heavy sue for years. I have 2, one medium point, one fine point and both are superb. Neither however is nearly as good as the Namiki Falcon.
  16. Ok, so for my birthday my wife got me the wished for VP. In red with gold trim. The combo would not have been my choice, but it is very pretty and very different than my other pens so I am happy.

    Now, can someone tell me why I cant get ink into my converter? Seriously, I have tried numerous times and it doesn't work. Should I just give it up and get an eye dropper?
  17. old thread, but no use starting a new one.

    i'm lucky enough to work with a "pen guy" aka Penmanship/Tim so i got the chance to try his out (fine nib in black body) and fell in love with it.

    retractable, smooth writter (a tad scritchy was the fine), so went ahead and bit on and won one today on ebay.

    many say they don't like the clip on the end, but it did not bother me and may actually help me to hold my hands properly and learn to improve my chicken scratch. i've had a few FP's but nothing clicked and they all got sold or PIF'd, so this will be my one and only.

    so headed my way will be a Canary Yellow, M Point with convert and cartridge, new in box...$100 shipped.

    never thought i'd spend that much on a pen, but never thought i'd be spending this much time and $ on shaving gear either :wacko:

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    thanks enablers.:walkman:
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    Let us know how you like it Bruce. I have been wondering about a Vanishing Point since I got into fountain pens, but the clip has deterred me. It definitely helps to be able to hold and use the pen before making your decision!
  19. Lusting after one of those pretty hard right now!
  20. Yes it was nice to try before i buy. Every time he uses it i say "let me try it again" and i get the "eye roll" but he always lets me, as he doesn't want to be the only person in our office with a $100 pen and he knew eventually i'd cave and buy one.

    I hate dropping that much on a luxury item like that (or brush or razor) without seeing and holding it first, so i was lucky to give his fine nib quite a few tries before finalizing my decison.

    Pics and chicken scratch writting samples will follow when it arrives.

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