Irritation, day after shaving??

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm wondering if anyone has found irritation appearing the day after they shave?

    When I use a Mach 3 occasionally, I can get a close shave without applying much pressure, but like a lot of people, my neck area is quite sensitive. Generally, it'll show as soon as I've shaved as little red irritation spots all over. The next day though, I don't shave, and I can guarantee it'll be rather sore and itchy, with large red spots showing up on the throat.

    Now generally speaking, when I use my DE (British #16 Aristocrat, gold, been DE shaving for a year now) I can get just as good a shave as before with the Mach 3, but with no irritation for the whole day (or very little on the neck), including the day after if i don't shave. Just the other day though I got Mach 3 symptoms after using the #16, and I can't think why (always same soap, blade, alum afterwards). Probably just 'one of those shaves', as they say.

    I was just wondering if anyone has noticed similar effects the day AFTER they shave, when the hair is coming back through. It never lasts more than a day for me and there's no problems after that.
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    sounds like ingrowns, where the hair is cut below the skin and then pushes back through it a day or so later. Its caused by either cartridges or too much pressure with a DE
  3. JPM


    +1. I've noticed it once or twice when I got a little too agressive the day after, but usually I get rewarded for bad technique with instant irritation.:001_rolle
  4. mdunn is quite possibly right about the ingrowns since you're experiencing irritation the dat after, indicating a problem with the regrowth. I did, however, notice you said that you won't have irritation though if you don't shave two days in a row, which leads me to assume you're being a bit aggressive with your shaves. Focus on your technique and barely applying an pressure at all--this should improve it. If not, it might simply be that your particular skin responds that way to the extreme exfoliation of shaving and as a result you may need to only shave every other day. Luckily, you are now DE shaving and your shaves should last quite a while!

    Best of luck,
  5. yep, thanks guys. The pressure thing might be the issue. The neck I always find a bit tricky, as I think a lot of people do; I hate having stubble there, but I'll try easing off as much as I can to see if it improves. I usually only shave every other day or three days, even though i have quite a lot of dark hair, because any more frequently is inviting disaster!

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