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  1. I have a pair of 100% cotton pants and on the cleaning instructions tag it says, "Dry Clean Only". Even though the pants say "Dry Clean Only", can I iron the pants between wearings?
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  2. Maybe on the lowest possible setting, but you'd be better off steaming them instead.

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    Often the "dry clean only" warning is more to protect the clothes from being tossed in the washing machine (or handwashed) or in the dryer, rather than specifically about ironing.

    That said, ironing your own pants is a surefire way to get about 6 different creases running down the front of each leg ... kind of like that one particular road we all know where they teach new employees how to paint the lines. :001_unsur
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    Steaming would be better. Buy the 'clip' type pants hangers and clip the cuff so they hang upside down, then lightly steam. Allow them to completely cool before taking them off of the hanger.

    If you decide to go ahead and iron them, use a ironing cloth so you don't add shine. Iron only the front or back seam at a time, trying to iron both will usually not line up.
  6. If the trousers are 100% cotton then you can wash them! They only put that on to cover their backs.

    As Sue says, use a protective cloth over them before ironing to stop shiny bits. I learned to iron my trousers and shirts many years ago. I don't get tramlines! Saying that, when I've stayed at hotels with trouser presses, I get a great crease!

  7. Thanks for the replies. Unfortunately, I don't have a steamer but I do hang my pants upside down on wooden clip hangers, which I've done with these for several days. I think I'll use the lowest possible setting and see what happens.
  8. Most irons have a steam setting that you can use too.
  9. Iron on the lowest steam setting. You will be fine.
  10. you can iron cotton pants, or wool, or linen no problems.

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