Irisch Moos -Rest in Peace

Discussion in 'BullGoose Shaving' started by BullGoose, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. BullGoose

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    According to my sources, the Irisch Moos shave sticks and the Irisch Moos shower gel have both been discontinued. This is definitely a head scratcher as the shave sticks are a very solid seller. The silver lining? Here is yet another product that you can use for the Monday "Mourning Shave".
  2. Can't find the weeping and gnashing of teeth smiley--I hope I ordered enough :a48:. I think your work week is going to start today, Phil!
  3. BullGoose

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    Unfortunately the IM news won't make it all that busy. I was down to my last 12 sticks when I found out that I could not reorder. :censored:
  4. It's freakin tragedy. Please excuse my language, my friends.
  5. BullGoose

    BullGoose Vendor

    It really makes no sense. I hope that one of my other distributors has a stockpile but after making this public, I do not think I will have good luck finding a stash.
  6. That's disappointing as its an excellent and popular soap, one of my favorites. I guess I'll have to cherish the stick I have and make it last.
  7. Rudy Vey

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    check with your supplier. Maybe he dropped it from his selection of products. I checked several German websites, and it looks like the product is widely available. But, to be safe, I have my brothers pick a couple up for me.....just in case.
  8. BullGoose

    BullGoose Vendor

    Thanks Rudy...I do plan to check with two other distributors tomorrow. The distributor who usually supplies me with IM says that it has been discontinued by M&W but, it is definitely worth checking out.
  9. Yet another product that will become very popular now that it's out of production!

    A year ago they were offered real cheap in Germany.

    If only we could get a heads up of those products that are discontinued. The strange thing is, that most of them are (were) really going strong, like the P160, Floid blue and the IM-stick.
  10. BullGoose

    BullGoose Vendor

    A heads-up would be very nice.
  11. Just a shout-out to Phil. I had questions about his IM clearance sale. Not only did he respond immediately, but he shipped my order to me with LIGHTNING SPEED! Shipped Saturday and I received it Monday. Thanks Phil! Love my new bottle of IM Edt!
  12. It's uncanny how he does that. Some of us have speculated that he doesn't actually use the Post, but puts on a jet pack and delivers the box himself.
  13. Either that, or he's shipping via Dr. Who's Tardis!
  14. malocchio

    malocchio Contributor

    Just ordered 2 sticks off for $23.53 USD ,includes shipping...not bad
  15. I never cared for it, so not much of a loss for me. However, with most things that are no longer made by the manufactuer, there is still some to be found for quite some time. How long has vintage Williams soaps, USA Shulton Old Spice, etc. been out of production? It can still be had easily enough.
  16. BullGoose

    BullGoose Vendor

    The difference is that Vintage Williams Shave Soap and Shulton Old Spice were stocked in U.S. drug stores in large quantities whereas Irisch Moos was not. There were huge stockpiles of Vintage Williams and Shulton Old Spice so yes, they could be found for quite awhile. Irisch Moos only recently has been imported into the United States and no major drug stores carried it. You will probably be able to find it still but it will have to be from Ebay UK and it won't come cheaply.

    Some recent examples of discontinued shave items goes against your theory. It is now very difficult to find the tallow versions of Penhaligons shave soap and Trumper shave soap. While IM is certainly not in the same league as Penhaligons, it too will not be easy to find in the not too distant future. When you do find it, you will likely have to over pay.

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